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All regions.

The challenges would depend on the type of weather for the region.

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Q: What region of the world faces challenges because of the weather and briefly describe those challenges?
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Why does a dessert face challenges because of it's weather?

it does not

What statements describe challenges faced in building canals?

Geographical and topographical challenges make canal building difficult. Weather-related problems, such as long periods of rain, can slow down the work. Canals are time-consuming and expensive to build.

What is a region of the world that faces challenges because of its weather?

The Sahel region in Africa faces challenges due to its weather, with frequent droughts and erratic rainfall causing food insecurity, water scarcity, and desertification. This leads to difficulties in agricultural productivity and livelihoods for the people living in the region.

What were the challenges faced climbing Everest?

remoteness altitude and weather

What are challenges in studying the ocean floor?

the darkness and the weather condition

How can use the word weather in a sentence using adjectives?

describe the weather

Is weather is countable or uncountable noun?

Weather is typically considered an uncountable noun because it is used to describe the general atmospheric conditions, rather than individual instances of weather events. We say "the weather is nice today" rather than "one weather, two weathers."

Is 'frozen weather' or 'freezing weather' correct?

"Freezing weather" is the correct term to describe very cold temperatures. "Frozen weather" may imply that the weather itself is frozen, which is not accurate.

Why Filipinos are describe as pliant like the bamboo?

Filipinos are often described as pliant like the bamboo because of their resilience, adaptability, and ability to bend without breaking in the face of challenges. Like bamboo, Filipinos are known for their strength in the midst of adversity, their ability to weather difficult situations, and their capacity to thrive in various circumstances.

Weather challenges that Giovanni da Verrazzano faced on his voyages?


How do meteorologist help?

Because it helps them solve the mathematical equations that describe the behavior of the atmosphere. Also, it can store weather records , for a quick retrieval. so , it can greatly improve weather forecasts.

Why can't we rely on our five senses to describe and measure the weather?

Our five senses are limited in their ability to accurately measure and describe complex weather phenomena. Weather involves a wide range of variables such as temperature, humidity, and pressure that are beyond the capability of our senses to accurately perceive. Additionally, weather measurements require specialized equipment and technology to collect data with precision and accuracy.