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Mostly shades of Christianity. Protestant in England and the central states and Catholic in France.

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Q: What religion was Western Europe in World War 1?
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What religion did eastern Europe become after world war 2?


Where were the theatres of war in World War 2?

Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and partially the Middle East.

World war two in Europe campaign?

The western allies on the western front, and the Soviets on the Russian Front.

Religion and Identity in Central and Eastern Europe vs Western Europe vs world?

Eastern Europe was traditionally where most Orthodox Christians were. Central Europe was more traditionally Catholic, while Western Europe was a mixture of Catholicism and Protestantism. Since World War II, Europe has become much less religious. The world? The main religions seem to be Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Industrialized nations are getting more secular, Islam is increasing.

What provided financial aid to war torn Western Europe after World War 2?

Marshall Plan

What nations were on russias western border after world war 1?

Europe, Asia,Africa

What was the name of the tension between the US and Western Europe vs the Communist world after World War 2 called?

Cold War.

Who did western Europe ally with after world war 2?

The United States via NATO.

What was the principle region of conflict in Europe during World War 1?

western front

How was the us economy changed since world war ll?

What were the major problems facing Western Europe after the war

Where was most of World War 2 taken place?

North Africa, Eastern and Western Europe and the Pacific. Mostly Europe.

What are some important ways that Eastern Europe is different from Western Europe?

Western Europe has been involved in more foreign affairs than Eastern Europe. As well, during the second World War, Eastern Europe was mostly Axis, while Western Europe was mostly Allies.