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Narcissa Whitman describes to her family about the rich soil in Oregon. That commentary was published and pioneers saw it.

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Q: What resources made many settlers want to follow the oregon trail?
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What was the most common relationship between settlers taking the Oregon Trail and Indians?

Indians traded with the settlers.

What was the name of the Cherokee march to Oklahoma?

The Trail of Tears, which General Winfield Scott commanded.

The forced relocation of Cherokees from Georgia to Oklahoma resulted in the deaths of thousands on the?

Trail of Tears

How many miles was the ho chi minh trail?

Almost 10,000 miles of roads, trails, and waterways which created a "system" of routes leading into the RVN (Republic of South Vietnam). The trail was NOT just a single trail (route) as the name would suggest; rather a road (or route system) system. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't think there is any way possible you could get an accurate count on how long the trail was. when I was over there in 1969 my unit did missions close or sometime on the trail entering it from different points. when it was all said and done we hadn't seen a third of the trail. one reason is that the ho chi minh trail cut into Laos and Cambodia also. but as the above stated the trail was not a single trail but a vast vast net work of trails. you had branches leading off or dissecting the supposedly main trail then you had branches leading off from the secondary ones. I think this was so due to the bombing the us did over the years on the trail. each time we would carry out an air strike ( most times with b52's carrying 500 to 100 lb bombs and they can carry about 80 of them) the NV army with the help of the vc would simply relocate the trail that is one of the reasons I think why it had so many networks or branches

What was the name of the communist supply route between North and South Vietnam?

ho chi men trail

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What famous route led thousands of settlers to the west coast?

People got to Oregon by using the road called The Oregon Trail.

About how many settlers traveled in the Oregon trail?

Over 500,000 people traveled on the Oregon Trail.

Who and how did settlers prepare food on the Oregon trail?

in 1859

What trail did the Mormon trail follow for most of its length?

Oregon Trail

Who invented the Oregon Trail?

No one "invented" it. It was a route settlers took to go to Oregon.

Did the Oregon Trail allow people to travel from Mexico to Oregon?

Actually, no. The Oregon Trail was also known as the Oregon-California Trail that allowed farmers, settlers, and families to travel east to either Oregon or Northern California. The wagon trail that allowed cargo, freight, cattle, and settlers from the east to Mexico was the Santa Fe Trail, which traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico and then onto Mexico.

What was the Oregon Trail like for settlers and their families?

Rough. It was hard on everyone.

What were the two purposes for the fort on the Oregon Trail?

tro protect settlers

What was the most common relationship between settlers taking the Oregon Trail and Indians?

Indians traded with the settlers.

Name of the route that many settlers took to go west?

the Oregon trail

What supplies were thrown out at the Oregon Trail?

Mostly unneeded food was thrown out along the Oregon trail, once the settlers moving west realized they had over packed...

What routes did settlers take to reach the west in the early 1800'S?

The Oregon Trail, the Western trail, the mormom trail and the California trail during the gold rush in 1846