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Indians traded with the settlers.

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Q: What was the most common relationship between settlers taking the Oregon Trail and Indians?
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What resources made many settlers want to follow the oregon trail?

Narcissa Whitman describes to her family about the rich soil in Oregon. That commentary was published and pioneers saw it.

Between 1845 and the American Civil War the US added which states?

Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Oregon and Kansas joined the Union between 1845 and the start of the American Civil War, which was on April 12, 1861. West Virginia and Nevada joined during the war.

What is the only state with a different design on the front and back of its flags?


What territory was at the center of an 1840s controversy that almost lead to a war with Britain?


Why was Polk willing to risk war over California but not Oregon?

Because of money... Polk knew that California was needed as a way to monopolize trade with Asia and soon after the annexation of Texas and Mexican-American War was won this problem was solved but, both nations the United States and the United Kingdom claimed the Oregon region based on earlier exploration and the"right of discovery", described as "joint occupancy," making any resolution of the territorial and treaty issues until a later time. However later failed to settle upon a compromise boundary because British wanted to keep their fur trade South of the Columbia River for their powerful/profitable trading companies and the Oregon Dispute became important between the British Empire and the new American Republic. It was urged by the Democratic party for Polk to negotiate a boundary with the British because of "Manifest Destiny" era of the US. Polk accepted a compromise along the 49th parallel and it is still the boundary between the United States and Canada today..

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Who were the frist people to explore in Oregon?

the first settlers to Oregon were the tillamook Indians. the first settlers to Oregon were the tillamook Indians.

What caused conflicts between Indians and white settlers in OREGON?

I'm not answering this you should be the smart one STUPID

What was the worst war in Wyoming?

Wyoming's worst wars were the Indian Wars, encounters between the Native Americans and the settlers moving through Wyoming on the Oregon Trail. Due to the rise of tensions caused by settlers encroaching on the land promised to the Indians and the fact that supplies promised by treaties did not arrive, the Indians retaliated.

Why did settlers go to Oregon?

settlers went to Oregon country for land to farm and to trade fur.

Did the pioneers and the Indians fight on the Oregon trail?

i'm guessing no for the most part since they were sent to Oregon after the long time struggle for equality and peace of being left alone. But they may have later when new settlers came.

Where was the first settlement located in Oregon?

when where the first Oregon settlers founded

Which mountains did settlers have to cross to reach Oregon's pacific coast?

Settlers had to cross the Cascade Range to reach Oregon's Pacific coast.

When did settlers begin their journey to Oregon?

Settlers began their journey to Oregon in the mid-1830s. The first large-scale migration of settlers, known as the Oregon Trail, took place in 1843 when around 1,000 people made the journey from the Midwest to Oregon.

When fur trade decline most of the mountain men?

led settlers across the Oregon trails

Which river between the present day states of Washington and Oregon was an important trade highway for the Indians of the pacific northwest coast?

The river flowing between Washington and Oregon is the Columbia River.

How did the arrival of so many us settlers affect the agreement between Britain and the US over the Oregon country?

The settlement of Oregon country by the US didn't effect the relationship with the United Kingdom too badly. Neither country wanted to fight another war with each other. They ended up with a compromise settlement.

Who invented the Oregon Trail?

No one "invented" it. It was a route settlers took to go to Oregon.