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Because of money... Polk knew that California was needed as a way to monopolize trade with Asia and soon after the annexation of Texas and Mexican-American War was won this problem was solved but, both nations the United States and the United Kingdom claimed the Oregon region based on earlier exploration and the"right of discovery", described as "joint occupancy," making any resolution of the territorial and treaty issues until a later time. However later failed to settle upon a compromise boundary because British wanted to keep their fur trade South of the Columbia River for their powerful/profitable trading companies and the Oregon Dispute became important between the British Empire and the new American Republic. It was urged by the Democratic party for Polk to negotiate a boundary with the British because of "Manifest Destiny" era of the US. Polk accepted a compromise along the 49th parallel and it is still the boundary between the United States and Canada today..

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Q: Why was Polk willing to risk war over California but not Oregon?
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Why was president Polk willing to go to war against Mexico over Texas but not against Britain over Oregon?

He thought he could win.Type your answer here...

Did James Polk make positive changes to the US?

Yes- Polk settled disputes over the boundary of the Oregon territory with Britain and disputes with Mexico over Texas and California and the land between.

What was john Polk greatest accomplishment as president?

gaining 1oo million square miles of land in the west oregon territory, california... and on

How did president Polk finally settle the dispute over the Oregon territory?

by creating the boundary of Oregon at the 49th parallel and dividing the territory

What did Polk do to avoid war?

Polk had a good reason for avoiding war with britain over Oregon. By 1846, he had so much bigger troubles brewing with Mexico over Texas..........

What is the state that is over California?


How did James K. Polk become famous?

Polk added over 800,000 square miles to western territory and extended the boundary of the country to the Pacific Ocean. He also lowered tariffs and created an independent federal treasury. He only served one term as promised.

What was a reason conflict between the US and Britain over Oregon grew serious by 1845?

Polk needed a victory to intimidate the Mexicans during the Mexican War. Polk was under pressure from Mexico to attempt to seize Oregon. Whigs pressured Polk to show Britain that America wouldn't back down

How did the president James Polk deal with the dispute between the US and great Britain over Oregon country?

Polk's Secretary of State, James Buchanan negotiated a treaty with Great Britain that provided a peaceful solution to the Oregon boundary dispute. They settled for less than the 54th parallel boundary Polk had campaigned for .

What challenges did James K. Polk face as president?

He faced a dispute with Great Britain over the location of the northern border between Oregon and Canada as well as serious trouble with Mexico over Texas and California. The Oregon question was settled peacefully with a treaty. The dispute with Mexico led to the Mexican War. He resolved both problems advantageously for the US.

Why did president Polk want to g to war with great Britain over Oregon?

Polk did not really want to fight Britain. Instead, in 1846, he agreed to a compromise. Oregon was divided at latitude 49°N. Britain got the lands north of the line, and the United States got the lands south of the line.

How did the negotiations between the us over Britain over the Oregon territory differ from those between the us and Mexico over the southwest?

As far as US and Britain over the Oregon Boundary, President Polk wanted the land and figured that Britain was not willing to fight over it. Britain gave the US almost everything it wanted. No troops were needed but both sides did have some ships. With Mexico, the US sent a full scale invading army and took what it wanted. Later with the Gasden Purchase it took some more but this time it paid for it.