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Missouri compromise

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Q: What resulted in one free state and one slave state?
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Who or what resulted in one free state and one slave state?

Missouri Compromise. (NOTW)

Who resulted in one free state and one slave state?

The Missouri Compromise of 1820 admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state. The Compromise ruled that any territory north of 36 30 latitude would be free and below it would be slave.

Who admitted one slave and one free state to the union and fixed the boundary between slave and free territories?

Missouri Compromise

Why did they admitted one free and one slave state?

It was a compromise to keep the balance as it was.

What best describes the Missouri Compromise?

Under the Missouri Compromise of 1820 Missouri was admitted as a slave state and Maine as a free state.

What was the Missouri Compromise?

The Missouri Compromise was an agreement between the North and the South and passed by Congress in 1820 that allowed Missouri to be admitted as the 24th state in 1821. One slave state (Missouri) and one free state (Maine) were admitted to the Union, maintaining the balance. The balance of power between free and slave states in Congress was maintained to ease tensions between the North and South. The North's attempt to force emancipation upon Missouri when it applied for admission as a slave state in 1819 rankled white southerners, and they threatened secession during the debates over the conditions under which Missouri should be granted statehood. The debates resulted in a compromise that involved the drawing of a line through the United States prohibiting slavery in future states north of the latitude 36°30′ and allowing it in future states south of that. (Missouri itself, despite lying almost entirely north of the line, was admitted as a slave state.) This worked for about 34 years. The Missouri Compromise was a compromise of new territory should be considered a free state or slave state. This compromise proposed whatever was north of the 36'30' line was to be a free state and whatever was south of this line was to be slave state.

What was the the name of the free state that was paired up with Missouri in order to create equality between slave and the free states?

Maine. It was one half of the divided state of Massachusetts. It represented another free state in the voting in Congress. This kept the balance, and allowed Missouri to be admitted to the Union as a slave-state.

Minnesota a free state could not be admitted to the Union unless this stat was admiitted ad a slave state?

Well Minnesota Wasn't a slave state because they said that the northern Area isn't One so that Would be a slave-free state So for that time period that they had to show that a Native American can be treated the same.

What was the 34th state to join the union?

Kansas was the 34th in Jan. 1861, as a free state (no slaves) which followed the statehood of the free state of Oregon in 1859, with Iowa, Wisconsin California and Minnesota having joined before that, thus upsetting the Missouri Compromise agreement of one free state, one slave state. (The last slave state to be admitted was Texas at Number 28). With Lincoln's election this undoubtedly accelerated the Slave States' decisions to secede from the Union which soon led to the mayhem of the Civil War.

Did kansas enter the union as a free state slave or undeclared state?

Under the terms of the Act, two territories were to be formed, Kansas and Nebraska. One would presumably become a slave state and the other a free state. Popular sovereignty would prevail and it was assumed that slave-owning Southerners would occupy Kansas and make it a slave state, while free state advocates would settle Nebraska. Things worked out as anticipated in Nebraska, but not in Kansas. Kansas was a Free State.

How did bleeding Kansas begin?

The dispute was over whether Kansas would be admitted as a Slave State or a Free State. The Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed Kansas to enter as a Slave State if Nebraska entered as a Free one. The "bleeding" was from advocates on both sides trying to suppress the other by murder and terrorism.

What slave state was added to keep balance after Oregon had became a free state?

No state was added explicitly to balance Oregon. Kansas was the next state to join the Union, but it was also a free state.The failure to balance the oncoming succession of free states with slave states was a serious threat to the longevity of the "peculiar institution" and one of the major reasons for secession less than a year after Oregon's admission to the Union.