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The average, ordinary Germans did not play an active part in the Holocaust.

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Q: What role did the average German play in the Holocaust?
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What role did the German military play in the Holocaust?

The German military played different roles in the Holocaust. They helped in rounding up undesirables and also played a major role in the executions in collaboration with Einsatzgruppen.

What role did the Allies play in the Holocaust?

They ended the Holocaust. It was the Axis who had a role in it.

What role did Japan and Germany play during the Holocaust?

The holocaust was the German operation for the extinction of the Jews and many other ethnic groups. I suggest you look at this: Japan was not involved in the Holocaust.

How did the Holocaust play a role for Israel?

The Holocaust gave Zionism an increased support.

What role did Great Britain play in the Holocaust?

Great Britain was a bystander in the Holocaust.

What role did the Nuremberg trails play in the holocaust?

The Nuremberg trials were post Holocaust.

What role did the SS Officers play in the Holocaust?

The SS carried out the Holocaust and the SS officers obviously played a key role in organizing it.

What role did Adolf Hitler play in the Holocaust?

Hitler was the the dictator (boss) of Germany and was responsible for the Holocaust.

What was Adolf Hitler's political role?

Adolf hitlers political role in germany was to serve as a german natzi for the holocaust.

What role did miep gies play in the holocaust?

She was one of the Franks helpers.

What role did great Britain play in the?

Great Britain was a bystander in the Holocaust.

What role did the United Nations play during the holocaust?

The united nations wasn't formed until after WW2 so it didn't play any role during the holocaust since it didn't exist at the time.

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