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The murder of a prince in Sarajevo.

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Q: What single event started WW1?
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What event actually started WW1?

The shooting of the arch duke and his wife

What major event recently finished after pop art first started?


What event actually started the fighting in the ww1?

The assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand

What event started ww1 in Europe?

Its usually considered to be Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand.

What event started the downfall of the Cold War?

No one single event started the end of the Cold War. Rather it was a series of factors that combined.

When did WW1 start and end?

WW1 started in 1914 and for America it started in 1917 and ended in 1918

What event signifies the begging of WW1?


Was Germany in the war?

Both WW1 and WW2 yes. WW1 was the reason WW2 started.

When did Us join ww1?

the united states joined in 1917, ww1 started in 1914.!!

What was hapenning so that they started a war?

The murder of Franz Ferdinand started ww1

When and where did World War I start?

WW1 started in 1914

Why was World War 2 started and ended?