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The Southern States that were not punished included:

Kentucky ~ West Virginia ~ Maryland ~ and Delaware. All of these states were under Union control during the American Civil War.

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Tennessee was exempt from the Act because it had ratified the Fourteenth Amendment.

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Q: What state was exempted from the reconstruction acts?
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The reconstruction acts required that?

The reconstruction acts is required by government. This was passed after the American Civil War.

Who was president during the Reconstruction Acts?

Andrew Johnson.

What year did congress pass the reconstruction acts?


When were the Reconstruction Acts passed by Congress?

After the Civil War.

Which plan for Reconstruction was made by Rebuplicans in Congress who did not approve of Lincoln's plan?

reconstruction acts and 10% plan

What did the Reconstruction Act state?


How did radical republicans reinforce the 14th amendment?

They added four more Reconstruction Acts

Which element of reconstruction acts do you believe was most important?

when the south was divided into 5 districts

What action by the state of Mississippi sought to restrain US President Johnson's plans for reconstruction?

In 1867 the state of Mississippi sought an injunction to stop US President Johnson's ability to enforce the Reconstruction acts of March, 1867. The state claimed the acts were unconstitutional.The US Supreme Court rejected the plea for the injunction on the grounds that the Court had no legal means to prevent the president from enforcing his "official" duties of enforcing the laws. This case remains a disputed one even today. The case was Mississippi vs. Johnson.

What is the correct spelling of exempted?


What is a sentence for exempted?

By tearing the voucher, he accidentally exempted it.He was exempted from entering due to his behaviour.

What was Johnson's reconstruction plan?

Johnson, after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, proposed to carry out Lincoln's ideas for Reconstruction. Congress proposed the 13th Amendment which called for the abolition of slavery in all parts of the country. Later, Congress organized the Freedmen's Bureau which helped Blacks find jobs, protected their rights, and established hospitals and schools for them throughout the South. Due to the formation of the Black Codes and the Ku Klux Klan, Congress was convinced that Johnson's plan for Reconstruction had failed and Congress took control. President Johnson opposed Congressional Reconstruction saying it was unfair to the South. Congress responded by passing the Reconstruction Acts, which listed requirements for a state's readmission into the Union. After Johnson vetoed the Reconstruction Acts, Congress repassed them when 2/3 of the Senate and 2/3 of the House approved the acts.