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Depends what country you are talking about

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Q: What state would be a southern state?
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What state would you find Acapulco?

The southern state of Guerrero (capital: Chilpancingo) qualifies as such.

Which state would be a southern state?

In the link below you will find a map of the USA with the outline of the fifty states. The states that are shaded red are located in the Southern USA.

Is Massachusetts a southern colony?

No Massachusetts is not a southern colony. Massachusetts is a northern state, which in turn would have made it a northern colony.

What is A southern Atlantic state with a captial that starts with a is?

The capital is Atlanta and the southern Atlantic state is Georgia.(However, Maryland, and its capital Annapolis, is also below the Mason-Dixon Line and so could be considered a southern state, and it does have a short Atlantic coastline.)That would be Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia is a southern state that borders the Atlantic Ocean.

Who would mostly support the secession of the southern state from the union?

jefferson davis

What state Arkansas on the southern?

Swampy state in the southern part.

Where is Southern Connecticut State located?

Southern Connecticut State is located in the state of Connecticut.

Is Arizona a southern state?

Yes it is a southern state and to be more precise it is a southwest state.

Did Utah ever ceded from the union?

No. Utah became a state 25 years after the Civil War ended so that would be impossible, and only Southern states wanted to succeed from the Union and Utah is not and would not count as a Southern state.

What state borders California on the north?

Baja California is the Mexican state that completely borders the southern US. but technically Arizona would border the southern California, in US states.

Is Oregon a southern state?

yes it is a southern is down by mexico.

Why do you think the Southern states would not accept Tallmadges's proposal?

it was the only one the state