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Germany, Soviet Union, italy, Spain, and japan.

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The five major countries ruled by Dictatorship were Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, and Russia.

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Germany, Japan, and Italy.

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Q: What three countries had totalitarianism governments in the 1930s?
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Who was not a Fascist dictatorship in the 1930s?

The three major fascist dictatorships in Europe in the 1930s were Hitler's Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Fascist Italy, and Franco's Nationalist Spain. Other countries in Europe were not explicitly fascist, but many of them like Pilsudski's "Republic of Poland" were fascist dictatorships in all but name. Only France and Britain maintained completely anti-fascist (and non-communist) governments.

What countries have theocracy governments and when were they established?

The only theocratic governments that exist are in Iran, Vatican City, and Tibet. All of these areas with religion- based governments have been around for a long time, however I am not sure on exact years or dates. There are many countries that have a religion officially recognized as the state religion, but as far as being legitimately theocratic, (where their government decisions are strongly influenced by religion) there are only three.

What three countries were known as the Axis powers during World War 2?

American , British, & Russian Governments

What were the leaders that gained power in the years following World War 1 in Italy the soviet union and Germany and what type of government did they turn out to be?

The leader of Italy was Benito Mussolini, who ruled under totalitarianism. The leader of the Soviet Union was Joseph Stalin who was a totalitarian dictator and also a communist. The leader of Germany was Adolf Hitler who also was a totalitarian dictator. All three of these countries were called the Axis powers because they all had similar governments and economic systems, along with a common goal of acquiring land.

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