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First round went down range at noon.

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Q: What time did the Battle of Trafalgar start?
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Was the battle of Trafalgar in Tudor time?

No, the battle of Trafalgar was in 1805, 200 years after the last Tudor monarch.

When did Order of battle at the Battle of Trafalgar happen?

Order of battle at the Battle of Trafalgar happened in 1805.

When did Battle of Trafalgar happen?

Battle of Trafalgar happened on 1805-10-21.

What was trafalgar square called before the battle of trafalgar?

Trafalgar Square didn't exist before the battle. It was built to commemorate Nelson's victory.

How old was nelon column start the battle of trafalger sqare?

Nelson's column was erected in ommemoration of Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died at the Battle of Trafalgar. The column did not exist at the start of the battle!

What was the significance of destroying the french army in the battle of Trafalgar?

There was no French Army destroyed at Trafalgar, it was a naval battle.

Who was on the throne of England at the time of Trafalgar?

The monarch on the throne at the time of the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805, (where Lord Nelson was killed) was King George III (1738 -1820).

Which body parts had lord nelson lost by the start of the battle of Trafalgar?

None, he was never in the army

How many Brittish died in the Battle of Trafalgar?

1,700 British died in the battle of Trafalgar and maybe even more.

What are the release dates for The Battle of Trafalgar - 1911?

The Battle of Trafalgar - 1911 was released on: USA: 22 September 1911

Which battle did British Admiral Horatio Nelson die in?

Admiral Horatio Nelson died on his flagship HMS Victory, at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21st October 1805.

Why was the square named Trafalgar Square?

It was named Trafalgar Square to commemorate the victory of the British Navy at the Battle of Trafalgar. It has a tall column on which stands a statue of Lord Horatio Nelson, who was killed during the battle.?