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the mild climate made survival easier

the Mediterranean Sea encouraged trade

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Q: What two geographic advantages helped the Mediterranean to become the birthplace of European civilization?
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What geographic advantages and disadvantages did Egypt have to create a stable civilization?

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What are 4 geographic advantages to the city of rome?

Advantages were it was easy to defend, there was fertile soil, there was a river, and also later they found out they could ship things across the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the geographic center of the Mediterranean sea?


What are the advantages AND disadvantages of geographic segmentation?

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What geographic advantages did the city of Troy have that may have made it an economic treat to the Greeks?

It was on the trade route between the Mediterranean and Black Seas and became rich on supplying the ships, so it was indeed a treat to loot it.

Name at least four distinct geographic zones or geographic elements of Africa?

The four distinct geographic zones or geographic elements of Africa are deserts, Savannas, Mediterranean and rain forests.

What geographic characteristics provided Greece a link to the outside world?

The Mediterranean.

What geographic reason explains the success of Ancient Greece?

Greece is Located on the Mediterranean Sea.

What geographic advantages existed in the capital of the Byzantine Empire Constantinople?

Constantinople provided easy trade and military access to the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Danube River, Dnieper River, and the land route to Turkestan and India.

What was the geographic setting of China's first known civilization?

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How did the physical geographic characteristics of the Jews affect the development of their civilization?

The "Jews" are a group of people that follow a religion. They are not a geographic region and do not have physical geographic characteristics.

What geographic obstacles did the Carthaginians face in attacking Rome?

The Mediterranean Sea and the Alps.