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Joseph Stalin was the General Secretary for the Communist Party from 1922 until 1953. He was a part of the Great Turn or Stalin Revolution.

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Q: What two revolutions did Stalin create in 1928?
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Who won France or Spain in the revolution?

You'll have to clarify that, revolutions happen within a country, not between two nations.

What was the relationship between Roosevelt and Stalin in World War 2?

Roosevelt and Stalin were the two great appeasers in history. Both were cowards who allowed Hitler to slaughter millions.AnswerRoosevelt thought he could control Stalin, thought he could trust Stalin, thought Stalin was a man who thought like him and desired the same things as him. Roosevelt was a fool to believe this. Stalin was a greedy, totalitarian dictator who would take whatever he could from anyone he could. He couldn't believe his luck that Roosevelt treated him so well and took everything he could from the American President, lying to him and ignoring treaties between them and Chuchill to get what he wanted then lying to Roosevelt again to keep what he wantedAs everyone around Roosevelt began to understand what a two-faced, self-serving man Stalin was and counciled Roosevelt to be more stern with him FDR continued in the mistaken belief that he could control and trust Stalin.FDR's trust in Stalin was one of the greatest mistakes any American President has ever made.

Who is Hitler worse than Stalin?

Note: A lot of opinions. Some are below. It depends on how you define evil.Stalin:I would say Stalin as he was pure evil. Hitler was evil do not get me wrong, but Stalin hated everyone. Hitler had problems with the Jews and a few others, but Stalin persecuted his own people and others. There are more statistics on Hitler than Stalin. That is why more people might say Hitler for they do not know much about Stalin. Hitler is a household name, Stalin is usually not.Hitler:I would actually say Hitler was the more evil of the two. Like the poster above said, Stalin hated everyone, but Hitler targeted, isolated, and slaughtered one group of people. At least Stalin didn't discriminate.Hitler:Hitler plunged Europe into war as well as committing appalling atrocities. (Stalin did not unleash a major war). Hitler has become the #1 20th century icon (or symbol) of evil.Stalin:Although Stalin didn't cause a war he still sided with Hitler in the war. On top of that Stalin killed everyone even in his own army he had groups that where called blocks behind his soilders. They were ordered to shoot any troop giving up ground no matter what. Plus Stalin did start a war by him self the cold war!!!Hitler:There is all this talk about Stalin killed off his own fellow Russians - In actual fact he was betrayed by a fair number of his own fellow men who worked secretly for Hitler. When Stalin found this out, brutally and literally, lined those who betrayed them and had them shot. Everything he did was for a reason and people are too quick to jump to conclusions without fact. In all honesty, he can be seen as one of the greatest leaders of our time who took an undeveloped country and turned it into the greatest industrial country with one of the most powerful military forces to this very day.Stalin:Both Stalin and Hitler are both considered some of the worst leaders. Both instituted totalitarian governments and they both killed lots of people. Stalin would kill people, and then expunge them from all records, like in pictures. Hitler, at the end of the war, gassed millions of people. However, Stalin's communist policy also led to major shortages in food and caused tens of millions of people to starve to death. So, between Hitler and Stalin - they were both terrible leaders, I would have to say Stalin. Yes, Hitler was bad, but Stalin was worse! Wrap up:One can debate motive and intentions all day, but if murder is the greatest evil, then when the debate is said and done, Hitler is usually ascribed with about 15 million murders and Stalin with tens and tens of millions of murders.

Hitler and Stalin secretly agreed to divide between their two countries.?

The pact also secretly agreed to divide Poland and other parts of eastern Europe between the two powers.

What was the stalin-hitler pact of 1939?

The Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union which was also known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact .

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Was Lenin in power before Stalin?

Lenin (1917-1924), but poor health prevented him from doing much after mid 1922. He was succeeded by three men ruling jointly - Stalin, Zinoviev and Kamenev. By 1927 Stalin had sidelined the other two and from 1928 he was the dictator of the Soviet Union.

How many complete revolutions are needed to draw the angle 725?

Two complete revolutions.

What are the release dates for A Laugh or Two - 1928?

A Laugh or Two - 1928 was released on: USA: 4 February 1928

What are the release dates for Two Outlaws - 1928?

Two Outlaws - 1928 was released on: USA: 18 November 1928

What two revolutions shaped Europe?

Haha no(:

Who said there were two revolutions?

their is 3 battles no one said their was two

What are the release dates for T. Bone for Two - 1928?

T. Bone for Two - 1928 was released on: USA: 22 April 1928

Is Josef Stalin Italian?

No! hes Russian. Stalin is actually not Russian. He is ethnically a Georgian. The two are not the same.

How many degrees are there in two revolutions?

720 degrees.

Who did Stalin marry?

Stalin had two wives. The first was Yekaterina Svanidze. The second was Nadezhda Alliluyeva.

Did Stalin have a son?

Yes. Stalin had two natural born sons and one adopted son.

Who was Gregory Stalin?

Gregory and Stalin are two separate people. Joseph Stalin was the ruthless leader of Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union. Paul Gregory is a writer who wrote a book about Stalin.