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A Unertl rifle scope; sources vary on it's power, either 8X or 12X. The US Army used Redfield scopes with 3x9 adjustable range finders. The Marines used bolt action rifle, the Army used semi-autos (M14's, called XM21 weapon's systems).

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Q: What type of scope did carlos hathcock use?
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Carlos Hathcock, a renowned US Marine Corps sniper during the Vietnam War, preferred to use white feathers from a barnyard chicken or goose to camouflage the muzzle of his rifle. These feathers helped break up the outline of the rifle and blend it into the surroundings.

Was the 30.06 used as a sniper round in Vietnam?

There was some use of it, yes. Carlos Hathcock often used a Winchester Model 70 in .30-06 rather than the standard issue M40.

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Carlos Hathcock was the first to realise the potential for single shot use of the tripod mounted Browning .50 Heavy Machine Gun. He had a special mount made to take his Unertl telecopic sight which would fit the receiver of the MG. It is recorded that he would typically go to the front line, ask to have use of any Browning that may be handy, mount his scope, take some zeroing shots to adjust the sight and wait for a target. This combination was deadly at very long range (1000 plus yards) and any hit from the 750 grain boat- tailed bullet unlikely to be survivable. Initially his preferred rifle was a pre 1964 (Winchester quality after this time declined) Model 70 Winchester M40 bolt action in 30-06(he preferred the 30-06 over the, then, current 7.62x51 Nato(aka .308 Win). He did not reload his own ammunition but used issue, 168gr Ball, Match ammo. His 'number two', when needed, usually used an M14, semi automatic, in 7.62x51 Nato. Thus two seperate types of ammunition were required for any sortie. Hathcocks main attributes were; willing self sacrifice, absolute determination and infinite patience. He had an excellent understanding of practical ballistics and fieldcraft.

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