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Q: What types of jobs did boys hold in the military during the US Civil War?
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How did drummer boys contribute to the civil war?

ok, drummer boys and buglers were helpful because they made military signals with their instruments.

What was the drummer boys in the civil war?

the drummer boys were the ones who gave the emotion during the battle.

The lost the most men and boys during the Civil War?


What were the characteristics of the south that contributed to its military strength in the early part of the civil war?

Most were poor boys fresh off the farm.

What did boys wear during the Civil War?

Hi, I am doing a report on civil war drummer boys. I have reserched a lot and have found that during the civil war drummer boys sometimes didn't even have uniforms. Some wore what ever they had. Others, wore left over uniforms that usually did not fit. If you have any questions i would be glad to answer them! For other boys it depended on the side they were fighting for.

What were common names for boys during the civil war?

James, Edmund, Peter, George

What did kids where during the civil war?

the girls wore dresses and petty coats. the boys wore shirts.

How was the camp life during the civil war?

dirty, young boys, loss of limbs and hell on earth

Who lost the most men and boys during the civil war?

The North had more men, and they consequently lost more.

Why did the Civil War need drummer boys to help them into war?

Drums and bugles were the way that certain types orders were communicated for several generations.

Does the army still enlist drummerboys?

They enlist musicians for military bands, but the Civil War (and earlier) era drummer boys marching in front of the regiment is a thing of the past.

What was school like during the Vietnam war?

Boys in high school were trying to decide on how to avoid the military draft as they neared graduation.