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Yankee is a term given to people who fought for the North during the civil war.

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Q: What war did the Yankees fight in?
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Who did the Yankees fight in the American Civil War?

The Confederates (South)

Who were the Yankees in the war?

Yankees were the northern part of America to fight in the civil war the "blue guys"

What was the confederacy objective for the Battle of Gettysburg?

To carry the war to the North, fight a defensive battle and force the Yankees to destroy themselves attacking them, as at Fredricksburg.

What did the Yankees do in the Civil War?

There was no New York Yankees in the civil war. They were invented in the early 1900's.

How did the Yankees become known as the Yankees in American history?

at war the u.s. called themselves the Yankees

What was the over impact of Eli Whitney's introduction of interchangeable parts?

I think that it will be a infeact about the slayery of the world war 2 And it will be like the fight of the Great Brtain and the French are going to fight for the solders. So it try to go to the war battle and will go to the sailboat in the ocean water of the symbol of the Yankees injury.

Why did white southerners from all classes enlist to fight Yankees?


How did the Yankees get their name?

They got the name because during a war the north was called the Yankees.

What color were Yankees in the war?

Some Yankees were Caucasian; some were African American. Their uniforms were blue.

Did he fight in the Revolutionary War?

short answer: yes he did fight in the Revolutionary War.

Who was for or against the Vietnam War?

Many who didn't have to fight the war, were for it. Many who had to fight the war, were against it.

In the civil war were the Yankees against slavery or for it?

Yankees were supposedly against slavery, but the main reason this was said was to gain European sympathies during the Civil War. The war was started because the Union (yankees) wanted to keep the southern states from becoming the Confederate States of America.