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Specify: combat deaths; civilian deaths; collateral deaths; total deaths. Different answers for the two wars depending on the specific question. Far, far more people die in WW2. The greater percentage of deaths in WW1 were military, but the answer is that WW2 was a far larger conflict in virtually all respects.

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THE WORLD WAR 1 WAS WORST BECAUSE IT WAS SO COLD AND dreadful because of how the soldiers were treated.

1. In the trenches they developed trench foot, had to deal with rats which eat their wounded and dead and had body lice. They ate cold food and were encouraged to smoke as it suppressed appetite.

2. Conditions were so bad wounded were often left to die sat next to their mates, and soldiers even drowned in mud.


Victims Killed

Jews 6.8 million

Soviet POWs 2--3 million

Ethnic Poles 1.8-2 million

Roma 220,000--500,000

Disabled 200,000--250,000

Freemasons 80,000--200,000

Gay men 5,000--15,000


Witnesses 2,500--5,000

AND MOST INPORTANT lot of people died.

DO U WANT TO K NOW how did world war 1 help world war 2 because technology, many weapons were invented during WWI, by WWII they had been refined and some countries had learned modern battle tactics to suit.

Ww1 tanks how was it first used?

Tanks were just used as back ups. Not like todays tanks that are used in the front to push through the lines. Tanks had many flaws still since they were just introduced by Britain in the war.

I learned this in history :-D

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World War 1 is estimated to have killed about 70 million people, and WWII is estimated to be around 80 million including civilians and PoW's. So WWII was the deadliest.

I agree that WWII its much more deadly because in this era, there was Great Depression which cause a lot of economical problems throughout the whole world especially Europe who just came out of WWI and the horrible Spanish Flu. In WWII, we see the rise of many dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. On the other side of the world, there was Japan who got hit by Great Depression badly and they needed resources and land for its people. For that, they first invaded Manchuria (China), but then they got more aggressive and the started to invade the rest of China and many of the South-east Asian countries. After WWII ended and Japan surrendered because of the two atomic bombs that hit their city, we can say that many of the victims and Survivor have a deep trauma and a painful scar even till now.

Also WWII showed us the horrible massacre of the Jews, gypsies, and homosexual. Many of them were assassinated in concentration camps. So in my opinion, WWII causes more deaths and it affects more of the victims mentally and psychologically. Not to mention physically too.

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It depends on the type of "worse" you are talking about. As far as death toll World War 2 was worse. Globally 71 million people died in the World War 2 conflict. Now, if you are referring to the way the battles were fought and the severity of the wars then World War 1 would win. Strategically World War 1 was fought with a disaster set of plans with a many year long stalemate and hundreds of thousands of useless deaths.

If you are referring to genocide then World War 2 was worse. 6 million Jews were killed, many millions of Slavs in Russia and in the Pacific Theater there were many Chinese, Filipinos, Brits, Australians and Americans who were brutally murdered. In World War 1 there were hundreds of thousand Serbians murdered.

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WWI: about 16 million people died WWII: over 60 million people died

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Q: What war had more casualties the Vietnam War or World War 2?
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Is it World war 2 or Vietnam that had the greatest impact on America?

They both had an impact. ALL wars will influence/impact their respective generations. Naturally, some will impact more than others. The bloodier the war, the more the impact. WWII, for the US, had more casualties than Vietnam, Vietnam had more casualties than Korea, WWII had more US casualties than WWI did. The US Civil War had more casualties than any of our wars (however, we were fighting ourselves, so one must be careful when using those figures). Casualties aside, it may be said that the greatest impact about WWII was when the world entered the "atomic age", on 06 August 1945, when the atomic bomb was used to end WWII. The war however, had been won. Vietnam's impact may have been that it wasn't.

How many south Vietnam's allies died in the Vietnam war?

Those statistics are itemized on the "Vietnam War casualties" website.

How many casualties were there from the south Vietnam side in the Vietnam war?

About 1,000,000 men.

How many south vietnamese served in the Vietnam war?

The website, "Vietnam War casualties" might be helpful.

Vietnam war total caluaties?

About 211,472 casualties.

Why was World War 2 the deadlist war?

world war 2 was the deadliest war because there was more destruction,civilian casualties,and military casualties than any war.

Names of US Army soldiers wounded in the Vietnam war?

Over 3,000 Pennsylvania men were killed in Vietnam. See website: Vietnam War Casualties by state, for their names.

Names of south carlino soldiers that died in Vietnam?

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Which war had more casualties Vietnam Korea or WW I?

In terms of fatalities: WWI had the most, followed by Viet Nam and Korea.

Did the Vietnam War had the most casualties than any other war?

No, WWII remains the deadliest war.

Vietnam war casualties?

1,000,000 soldiers were killed and 2,000 civilians were killed

What were some of the environmental casualties in the Vietnam War?

Anything that contacted Agent Orange.