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Not the highest. Highest is General of the Armies. He was one step below, which is just a General

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Lieutenant General (three stars)

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Q: What was General Pattons highest rank in the American army?
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What is the highest ranking soldier?

The General of The Army, but it is reserved for Wartimes. General is the normal highest.

What is the highest rank in the Canada Army?


Which is the Highest rank in Indian army?


What is the highest rank that an army doctor can achieve?

In the US Army, General.

What is the highest rank in the Australian Army?

The highest rank is Field Marshal, currently held by Queen Elizabeth's husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. It is a purely ceremonial role. Following that is the rank of General which is held by the Chief of the Defence Force (a role that rotates through the heads of the three services) and then Lieutenant General. Therefore if the current Chief of the Defence Force is from the Army then the highest Army rank is General, otherwise it is Lieutenant General.

What is the highest ranking of the army called?

General of the Army- 5 stars, arranged in a circle.

What was Douglas MacArthur's highest rank?

General of the Army - a 5 star General

Who in the Us Army is a higher rank?

In the United States Army the highest ranking officer is a General. Bellow him is a Lietenant General. But the highest rankin officer is a four star general deemed chief of staff

Is the highest ranking General the longest serving officer in the Army?

Not necessarily.

What army did general gates fight for?


Who was the American general that broke up the bonus army?

General Macarthur

What is the highest rank officer in the us army?

Chief of Staff is the title of the highest ranking officer of the US Army. He holds the rank of General, which is an 0-10 / 4 star rank. The title of Commander-In-Chief is given to the President of the US and is the commanding authority for all military forces, but the holder of this rank, while often having served in the military, is not a military officer by virtue of title.