What was LZ in the Vietnam war?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lz means landing zone :3

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Q: What was LZ in the Vietnam war?
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What did the soldiers mean when they said it was a hot lz in the Vietnam war?

Already answered this question, but didn't define the "LZ" part. LZ=Landing Zone.

What does LZ stand for?

During the Vietnam War, LZ stood for Landing Zone. Within weeks or months many of those Landing Zones became firebases. Consequently, one might hear the words, "LZ Blackhawk or LZ Rifle"...when referring to Firebase Blackhawk or Firebase Rifle. The LZ's were for designated helicopter landings originally.

What are the coordinates for lz crow Vietnam?


What is the distance from lz sally in vietnam to the dmz?

68 KM

Where is LZ Jude located in Vietnam?

Firebases in Vietnam, were like towns in America, they were everywhere! It is recommended that you obtain the book: "WHERE WE WERE IN VIETNAM: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE FIREBASES, MILITARY INSTALLATIONS, AND NAVAL VESSELS OF THE VIETNAM WAR 1945-1975" By Michael P. Kelley

Which member of thARP in world war 2 wore a helmet with the letter R on it?

During the Vietnam War, ARP's were Aerial Rifle Platoons that secured LZ's (Landing Zones).

Can you help me locate an instillation map for Landing Zone Sally that existed in 1968 in I Corps Vietnam?

Unless you know a man that was actually there; your best source will be: "Where We Were In Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide To The Firebases, Military Installations And Naval Vessels Of The Vietnam War (1945-1975)" by Michael P. Kelley; 2002-ISBN 978-1555-7162-57 Be advised; that in South Vietnam...some Firebases were actually LZ's (Landing Zones) at one time and were frequently referred to as either firebases or LZ's. In another words, if someone were to say "LZ Action" or "LZ Blackhawk", those two were actually firebases...Firebase Action and Firebase Blackhawk (both were located in the Highlands). Blackhawk had a 175mm gun emplaced there, and Action had a battery of 105mm field pieces positioned within it's perimeter.

What is a hot LZ?

A hot lz is a military term for a landing zone (hence LZ) that is under heavy fire. It was used many times in Vietnam due to the constant in and out of helicopters. During a "hot" LZ, the landing zone was under too much fire for a helicopter to land, so the soldiers must jump out of the helicopter in stead of it landing. The helicopter never touches the ground for the purpose of getting in and out as fast as possible.

How much of South Vietnam was occupied by the US military during the Vietnam war?

US forces of some type (Covert, aircraft, firebases, LZ's, Riverine boats, sensor devices, bombing strikes, etc.) covered the whole nation of the RVN (Republic of South Vietnam). From the Mekon Delta to the DMZ; From the China coast to the Laos & Cambodian borders.

What is the real base on Vietnam war in American films?

There were hundreds of US Firebases (sometimes referred to as LZ's/Landing Zones) in Vietnam; Landing Zones had a tendency to turn into firebase, just a very few were: Firebase Blackhawk and LZ Action along the Mang Yang Pass in the Central Highlands; Firebase Vandergrift and Lang Vei along Route 9 (aka Hwy 9; QL 9); Camp Carroll (aka Firebase Carroll). Firebases English, Rifle, Ripcord, Mary Ann, etc.

Who lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

Q who was the victor of the Vietnam war? A I have no idea who won the Vietnam war!!!!

What does the military term lz men?

LZ means "Landing Zone"