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elimination of people of the Jewish faith.

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An education.

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Q: What was adolf hitlers focus in his early life?
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5 important events in Adolf Hitler's life how did it affect him?

did Adolf Hitler have any major events in his life

How was Adolf hitlers home life?

Of course Hitler had a family (we all do). But here is his close family:Alois Hitler: Father. Young Adolf did not have a close relationship with him at all.Klara Hitler: Mother. Adolf (let's just keep calling him Adolf because I like referring to him as Adolf when discussing his family) had a close relationship with his mother and it is rumoured (not 100% true) that he died holding a picture of his mother to his heart. It is also stated that he may of always had a photo of her on his person.He only had one sibling (a sister) who survived childhood.

What was adolf hitlers parents called?

His father's name was originally Alois Schicklgruber. When he was born, his mother was unmarried and nobody knew who his father was so he was given his mother's last name. Later on in his life, he changed his name to his stepfather's name (and his stepfather is believed to have been his real father), Hiedler, which was misspelled into Hitler, but the change stuck.

How do Germans feel about the Nazis?

A Nazi is a German member of Adolf Hitler's political party. They were the killers of the party, the henchmen of Hitlers elite murderous thugs. Most of the common people, and some of the members who held high rank in the German military hated them because of the sadistic ways prisoners were treated. They had no regard for human life. Hopefully the German people will never allow such animals again.

How was Hitler brought up?

He was brought up by his parents, Alois and Klara in Osterreich. His father was a clerk from customs. By the ending of his life (Alois) he bought a farm where he tried to grow bees. That experiment did not come to a happy ending as one of hes other sons burnt the hives down. What I can do here is to recommend a very good book about Adis (Adolf) Hitlers upbringing: it's name is 'The Castle in the Wood' by Norman Mailer. ---

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What was adolf hitlers mission in life?

Make Germany an purer , free country.

What was hitlers goal in his early life?

art painter

Adolf Hitler's life?

what was Hitlers life when he gerw up to be the leader if the Nazis. The Diary that proves what he did in his life till he died?

What was hitlers life like?


Is there any movie have been made about Hitler's life?

hitlers daughter, hitlers life, Eva braun: being the wife of Hitler, schindlers list+ lots more

What was Hitlers middlle name?

Hitler had only one name, so his full name was Adolf Hitler. Actually, Hitler was born Adolf Schicklgruber - but later took his father's last name (Hitler) and made Schiklgruber his middle name (Adolf Schicklgruber-Hitler). ). Actually, Hitler's father, Alois, changed his surname from Schicklgruber to Hitler 13 years before Adolf was born. He changed his name from Alois Schicklgruber to Alois Hitler in 1876. So, Hitler was never born with the surname of Schicklgruber, he was born Adolf Hitler and his full name remained Adolf Hitler throughout his life.

5 important events in Adolf Hitler's life how did it affect him?

did Adolf Hitler have any major events in his life

What was Hitlers life like in World War I?

He was angry and racist a lot !.

How did jail have an impact on hitlers life?

he bacame gay for the jewish people

Hitlers love life?

HItermarried a few times & they all commited suicide.

How many pages does The Focus of Life have?

The Focus of Life has 6 pages.

When was The Focus of Life created?

The Focus of Life was created in 1921-02.