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A soldier (sailor, marine, airman, etc.) is like a "fire extinguisher" locked in a "glass container." Just a boring static existence...until there is a fire, then:

"In Case of Emergency Break Glass!"

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Shell Shock:

Summed up in a few short words, shell shock is the battle fatigue. It is a mental disorder caused by the stress of active warfare and death all around the soldiers. It frequently caused depression or insanity. Some of the tougher men managed to come back home with a sane mind while others either came back completely changed or didn't come back at all.

Trench Warfare:

WWI is widely known for the type of warfare the soldiers used. They fought using trench warfare tactics. The opposing armies would dig a trench in the ground and then lob explosives at each other using howitzers, trench mortars, and other early weapons.

For more info on the WWI weapons go to:



All around the soldiers there was constant death and noise. One would have to get used to short naps in between attacks. Animals such as rats, lice, and frogs would spread disease and soiled food. Latrines were either nonexistent or normally overfilled. The air always reeked of carcasses, unwashed men, poison gas (thrown by the opposing army) and filth (as in overflowing latrines)

For more info on the conditions and the basic parts of a trench go to:

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It was terrible, spending all your time either in a dirty trench with rats or up on the front line fighting for your country.

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Like lives we live today.

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Q: What was life like for a soldier in WW1?
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