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made unions weaker

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made unions weaker

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Wages in the South were lower than wages in the North.

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Q: What was one reason that businesses moved to the South following the Civil War?
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What was a reason that businesses moved to the South?

Wages in the south were lower the wages in the north

How did white landownersin the south reassert their economic power in the decade following the civil war?

How did white landowners in the south reassert their economic power in the decade following the civil war?

What short time back did sit ins and other civil rights protest have on life in the south?

Segregationists became more violent, businesses suffered from the mass actions, and civil rights leaders were arrested

Following the Civil War you were immigrants settled in the South because?

Immigrants settled in the south because of low investment in railroads. This happen during and after the Civil War.

What was the North's reason for fighting in the Civil War?

To keep the North and the South together.......

Who were carpetbraggers?

Carpetbaggers were American Northerners who moved South in the time after the Civil War to start businesses and political careers

Why were threats of secession feared in the civil war?

Because the south seceded to form the union. That's the reason there was a civil war.

The period of Union occupation of the American South following the Civil War is referred to as the?


What was the reason the businesses move to the south?

Right to work laws made unions weaker -apex- hope this helped

Which of the is an economic reason that the south needed a reconstruction plan?

Plantations, factories, and other businesses were destroyed during the war.

Why was the south in the Civil War?

the south wanted more individual state rights,some wanted slavery,and some wanted to secede.But slavery wasn't the main reason for the civil war

Which of the following was an advantage held by the South during the Civil WarΒ ?

This question can not be answered. The list is not provided.