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He wanted to end the stalemate and remove U.S. troops from Vietnam.

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Nixon's stance on Vietnam was that it served no purpose whatsoever. In fact, he was the one who called back American troops and put a stop to the war.

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Q: What was president Nixons stance on Vietnam?
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President nixons policy of viwtnamization of the war in Vietnam called for what?

I'm an orange!

What are the events that diminish the president's power?

President Richard Nixons Watergate Scandal

President nixons vietnamization of the Vietnam war ment?

More American troops were coming home.

What were president nixons achievements abroad?

1974 he ended the Vietnam war. Opened China to trade.

Which six presidents had daughters to marry?

President Nixons daughter married President Nixons daughter married

What did nixons plan call for?

ending the vietnam war

What action was appart of nixons strategy to end the Vietnam war?

Bombing North Vietnam

What was president Nixons invasion of Cambodia about?

He wanted COSVN either destroyed or captured. COSVN was the "Central Office of South Vietnam." An enemy headquarters in Cambodia.

Which actions was part of nixons strategy to end the Vietnam war?

Bombing North Vietnam

What was the attitude of president nixons to the Vietnam war?

President Nixon always had a "secret plan" for ending the war in Vietnam. He negotiated, threatened, bullied and bombed. He got the Paris Peace Agreement that effectively ended the US participation in southeast Asia on less than perfect terms.

What was part of president Nixons pan of peace with honor?

an exchange of prisoners of war in North Vietnam

Who was president Nixons wife?

Patricia Nixon