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This was the big push during the last 3 months of World War I by the allies. German forces were withdrawing rapidly (for World War I) in the face of the drive. The term is usually used in relation to the fighting involving the Canadian Corps.

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Q: What was the Hundred Days Offensive?
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When did Hundred Days Offensive happen?

Hundred Days Offensive happened in 1918.

The last German offensive of World War 1 was stopped at the?

The last major German offensive in World War I, during their so-called "Spring Offensive", was the Second Battle of the Marne, near Reims, France in the summer of 1918. The offensive was defeated by the Allies; they immediately counterattacked, which marked the beginning of their "Hundred Days Offensive". The Hundred Days Offensive would ultimately result in Germany's surrender in November 1918.

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