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Basically, it was trying to spread "itself". By this I mean that the USSR was trying to spread it's own ideology, then called Stalinism (one of the many types of communism), which encouraged social revolution in all countries, so that workers would be able to fully enjoy the benefits of their production, as well as to contribute to the common good rather than to the riches of capitalist businessmen (Note: this differs little from the most basic form of ideal socialism, which is Marxism, but, in reality, Stalin forced many of the changes encouraged by this ideology through extremely violent & unethical means, thus making true Stalinism a form of totalitarianism, i.e, a Dictatorship). By doing so, the borders of the USSR, which divided it from other countries around it would eventually disappear, making the nation's overall territory progressively larger, giving it access to more people - more workers & citizens - and resources. Henceforth, it can be said that the USSR was basically trying to spread itself, as a nation and ideology, so as to, ideally, unify all of the world's peoples (although the means used threatened the security & interests of other countries, including the USA, thereby giving rise to the conflict that was the Cold War).

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Because the USSR was a communist dictatorship. It was trying to spread Communism all over the world.

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Q: What was the USSR trying to spread during the cold war?
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What goal did the USSR have in the Cold War?

The USSR was trying to spread their influence (mostly over Europe). They wanted more countries to become communist while the U.S. was trying to spread nationalism.

Who did the USSR support in the cold war?

The USSR supported Russia during the Cold Was.

How us manage the USSR ideology during cold war?

The US did NOT allow the communists (USSR) to expand during the cold war.

USSR during cold car?

uhhhhh... cold car?

Was the us government during the cold war?

yes it was it was mostly America and the ussr trying to scar each other with building arsanals and large armys

What were the superpowers during the cold war?


What was the main issue between US and the USSR during the Cold War?

The top main issues between the united states and the USSR during the cold war was, that they where almost equal in every way, they where the strongest countries in the world, the only two super powers and we and they where always in competition to be the best... the best military, best shipping, the first to get to space they won that but we won getting to the moon first. it was a race to be the best, and the hope that own would fall. the main reasion for the cold war was because of the government system the soviet union was trying to spread communism during the cold war and the united states wanted to stop communism and since they where so equal in numbers, and strength they where always trying to out do each other to do so..

What nations did Latvia side with during the Cold War?

Latvia was not an independent country during the Cold War. From 1944 to 1991 Latvia was part of the Soviet Union (USSR). So it was on the side of the USSR, because it was the USSR.

In the Cold War what was the united state concerned about?

The US was concerned that the USSR would work to spread communism.

Who headed the east bloc during the Cold War?

The USSR headed the eastern bloc during the Cold War.

Who was the US s enemy during the cold war?


What two countries were the world powers that competed during the cold war?

The USA and USSR competed during the cold war