What was the US emergence of a world power due to?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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A couple of events come to mind, part of the winning side in WW1 and WW2

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wilsons 4pionts, Treaty of Varsallies

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Q: What was the US emergence of a world power due to?
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What marked the emergence of the US as a first class power in world politics?

The Spanish American War.

How did the emergence of the US and the soviet union as superpowers after World War 2 change the balance of power in world politics?

The Eastern Bloc of EuropeThe Cold War for 50 years

What pushed the US into a dominant military and diplomatic force after world war 2?

The emergence of a powerful Soviet Union

How was the US viewed after the Spanish American War?

The US emerged from the Spanish American War as a rcognized World Power.

A reason for the emergence of linguistic anthropology in the US is the?

interest in recording disappearing languages.

When did the US emerge as a world power in world war 1?

The US emerged as a world power in world war 1 first when its economy outgrew that of the other nations due to peace within its borders before entering the war. It happened again when its entry into the war caused a speedy conclusion and victory for the Allies.

How did this country become global power before ww1 during the 1800's and the emergence as a world power?

The US started becoming a world power in the mid 1800's particularily after the Civil war with the most powerful military on the planet. Even before that with the Monroe Doctorine. But we do see that with the US caught up in the Civil War this lead to the French intervention in Mexico which led to the Cincho de Mayo celebration. This shows the respect of the world for the US's power. With the Spanish-American War, the USA solidified itself as a world power by crippling the Spanish Empire. By this time, no standing army in the world can go toe-to-toe with the US. This is made possible by the Industrial Revolution and the economic wits the US inherited from their English cousins. please let me know if this answer helped...

What caused the US to have world power after World War 1?

The US and the Allies won the war and the US gained control of the Philippines, causing it to become a world power.

Which war is most closely associated with the emergence of the US as a world power?

It depends upon your reading of the question. In the US, it is typically argued that the Spanish-American War of 1898 was the United States' first foray into Imperialism. The victory over Spain, led to the first US extracontinental colonies: Puerto Rico and the Philippines. However, less than a decade after the Spanish-American War, the American population became incrasingly isolationist. When World War I broke out, the United States stayed out of the war for the first three years and remained out of the early part of World War II. However, World War II (1941-1945 for the US) led to a permanent change in US foreign policy that led to a more imperialist and expansionary foreign policy. The three wars of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq are most closely associated with this new emergence of the US as an imperialist world power.

Due to influx of immigrants into the US who had all the power in the work force?

The employers had all the power

Is India one of the strongest countries?

India is in top 20 ,Its army is strong basically due to numbers but is not a world power like russia or US or France

Who was the largest imperial power in the world before the US became the dominant world power?

the kgb