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All areas outside of the Communist countries. South of the 38th Parallel in Korea. South of the 17th Parallel in Vietnam. West of the East/West German line, etc.

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Q: What was the US sphere of influence in the cold war?
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How did the Korean War influence US culture?

It didn't it was the Cold War.

How did the cold war influence civil rights in the us?

it didnt.;)

Why did the US motivate to establish the open door policy'?

The US wanted to initiate an open door policy with China to engender good relations with them. After experiencing the Cold War, they US did not want to make this mistake again.

How did Cuba's location play a role in the Cold War crises over the island nation?

When the Russian missile's were placed there it couldn't be allowed because Cuba is only 90 miles off of US coastlines. That, put them in the US sphere of influence and couldn't be allowed.

Cold War influence on US policy in the Western hemisphere and southeast Asia?


What accounts for the variation between the postwar situation in Italy and that in Hungary in the late 1940s?

Italy was in the US sphere of influence, while Hungary was in the Soviet sphere of influence. The Marshall Plan included aid for the democratic governments of Western Europe, not the communist-controlled governments of Eastern Europe.

How did the cold war influence us on Vietnam?

It became an example of the 'Domino Theory' .

Why did the us wanted Puerto Rico?

It did not want Puerto Rico, it wanted Spain out of its sphere of influence.

What were some goals of the US in the cold war?

Containtment. They wanted to prevent the spread of Soviet influence in Europe.

What accounts for variation between the postwar situation in Italy and that in Hungary?

Assuming that "postwar" refers to World War II, the fundamental difference between Italy and Hungary is that Italy was invaded by the US during World War II and, therefore, became a capitalist country aligned with Western Europe. Conversely, Hungary was invaded by the USSR during World War II, and, therefore, became a communist country aligned with the Soviet Union. This alliance stalled Hungary's economic growth. Now, in the post-Soviet period, Hungary's economy is substantially improved.

What country's sphere of influence included southern china?

China has a strong sphere of influence because of its economic power. They now manufacture a majority of products purchased in the US.

How did the cold war influence everyday Americans and How does it continue to influence us today?

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