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Pearl harbor of Hawaii

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Q: What was the battleship row in world was 2?
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What were the effects on pearl harbor in world war 2?

battleship row was destroyed worst was uss arizona caused usa to enter wwii

What battleship was called the battleship X in world war 2?

USS South Dakota BB57

On what battleship did the Japanese officially surrender to the US during World War 2?

Battleship Missouri

Who had the largest battleship in World War 2?


Why did Japan bomb battleship row?

The Japanese attacked battleship row, specifically, probably because of a fundamental misconception of what was important. At the start of world war 2, many, if not most, military people thought that the battleship was the heart of a country's navy. Therefore, destroying battleships was seen as a very important task during the attack on Pearl Harbor. At the start of world war 2, almost nobody had any real idea of the strategic and tactical value of the aircraft carrier. The course of the war in the Pacific soon illustrated, very clearly, what the value of the carrier was and is.

Was the Bismarck the greatest battleship in World War 2?


What is the nickname for the line of battleships parked in pearl harbor?

Battleship Row.

What is the value of an American flag from an American battleship from world war 2?


When papers ending World War 2 were signed what battleship were they on?

USS Missouri.

What was the name of the biggest jerman battleship of World War 2?

See above.

What is the name of the most feared World War 2 German battleship?


How many ships were in battleship row during pearl harbor?

Google it! oh my god