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Well I don't know if this answers your question,or at least part of it,but the Battle of Kursk was the biggest battle in World War 2.Followed by the Battle of Prussia.The 5th biggest was the Battle of Berlin.Hope this answers your question.=)

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Q: What was the biggest world war 2 battle for the us in world war 2?
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What was biggest world war 2 battle in the US?

atack of pearl harbor by japan your welcome 5th graders!

What was the biggest world war 2 battle for the US?

The largest battle that the US was involved with during World War 2 was the Battle of the Pacific aka the Pacific War. It was fought from 7th December 1941 to 2nd September 1945. That is a total of 3 years, 8 months, 3 weeks and 5 days.

What was the first battle involving the us in World War 2?

The first official battle of World War II involving overt US military presence was the Battle of Pearl Harbor.

What is the biggest tank in the world est tank in the world?

The biggest tank in the world would probably be the US M1A2 Abrams main battle tank.

What did the US get from World War 2?

The US got out of the Great Depression and the US became the biggest world power.

What was the US biggest accomplishment in Asia after World War 2?


What was the US's biggest asset before world war 1?


what battle is considered the turning point for us in world war 2?

The Battle of Midway .

Is Pearl Harbor one of the biggest wars ever?

The attack on Pearl Harbor was opening of the war between the US and Japan, it was a battle, not a war.

What Japan vs US world war 2 battle did the US raise the flag at the end?

The Battle Of Iwo Jima

What battle was the US territory taken back by MacArthur in World War 2?

The Battle of the Philippines .

Which part of the US economy had the biggest boost after world war 2?