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General Giap believed that the Tet offensive would cause the citizens and the Army of South Vietnam to lose confidence in their government.

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To allow the reduction in the number of US ground troops by shifting most of the miltary operations to the South Vietnamese Army.

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Q: What was the goal for North Vietnam in the Tet offensive?
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Where did the tet offensive occur?


Was the tet offensive was a major attack in the Korean war?

No , the Tet Offensive was during the Vietnam War .

How did the tet offensive lead to the end of the cold war?

It didn't. The First Tet Offensive demoralized the US and played a large part in our decision to pull out of Vietnam. The weird thing about Tet is, the North Vietnamese actually lost on the battlefield.

What is the name of the offensive that took place during the Vietnamese new year that escalated the Vietnam war?

Tet Offensive

In which event did North Vietnamese forces launch surprise attacks in South Vietnam during a Vietnamese holiday?

Tet Offensive.

What city did north Vietnam attach during the Tet Offensive?

With the possible exception of tiny villages hidden somewhere, all cities in SOUTH Vietnam were attacked.

What was the turning point battle in the Vietnam War?

tet offensive

What was the wort week in the Vietnam war?

TET offensive '68.

What are the release dates for Vietnam in HD - 2011 The Tet Offensive 1-3?

Vietnam in HD - 2011 The Tet Offensive 1-3 was released on: USA: 8 November 2011

What event of the Vietnam War brought down Johnson's presidency?

The Gulf of Tonkin The Geneva Accords The Tet Offensive

What is the main reason why the TET Offensive was a major turning point?

The Tet offensive by North Vietnam used the VC (Viet Cong) as it's primary offensive weapon by the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) and in so doing the VC were never as potent as an opposing field force to Allied combatants ,After Tet the NVA shouldered the burden of conducting offensive operations against the Allies : the Vietnam War became a war conducted/fought by conventional armies in contrast to a guerrilla war .

How did the Vietnam war bring Johnson's presidency down?

The Tet Offensive