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The last true war against people other than terrorists was our invasion of Iraq. if you don't consider that to be a real war, then it would be the Gulf War, where we stopped Saddam Husein from taking over Kuwait.

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No, Vietnam ended in 1975. The Cold War ended in 1989. Several Cold War conflicts were still being fought in that year, the largest of which was the Soviet-Afghan War.

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Q: What was the last war the us fought in?
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When was the last time the US and Mexico last fought a war?

1846 to 1848

Where was the last war fought in the US Civil War?

The last battle of the American Civil war was fought in Texas, at Palmito Ranch on May 12-13, 1865.

When was the last time the US and Mexico fought a war?

1846 to 1848

Why is the Vietnam war so historic?

Last US war fought by the WW2 (Greatest) Generation.

When was the last major battle of the war fought?

Battle of Gettysburg

What date the United States declared war with Iraq?

WW2 was the last declared war fought by the US.

What are facts about the virtnam war?

1. Last war fought by a traditional all gun battleship, no missiles; USS New Jersey. 2. Last US jet aces of the 20th century. 3. First war for the B52 bomber. 4. Last US fought war using steel helmets (replaced by Kevlar). 5. Last US war fought with the vaunted Colt .45 pistol. 6. Only US war fought with the M14 US Service Rifle. 7. Last US war fought with the Patton tank (M48). 8. First all helicopter war. 9. First war in history in which all adversaries were equipped with fully automatic rifles; AKs & M16s (in WWII all US personnel were equipped with semi-automatic rifles...the Garand). 10. First war fought by a purpose built attack helicopter (Cobra). 11. Last US war fought with a Brown Water Navy (Civil War was the first). 12. First combat use of the SAGGER & TOW wire guided anti-tank missiles. 13. Last war fought by Great Britain's Commonwealth associated countries (not exported to foreign nations): Australia using their vaunted Centurion tank.

What did the department of war do?

The war department fought its last war in WWII. After that it became the Department of Defense. The DOD runs the US military.

How is the Vietnam's war like the Iraqi war?

The US fought Germany and Japan in WWII. The US fought North Korea and Red China in the Korean War. The US fought Mexico in the Mexican War of 1846. The US fought Great Britain in the War of 1812. The US fought Spain in the Spanish-American War of 1898. The US fought Germany in WWI. The US fought North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Is America at war with the nation of Iraq?

How many times has the US made war against another country without Congress passing a declaration of that war?

WWII was the last declared war fought by the US.

What war was fought by US?

The US has fought several wars.

What was the bloodest war in the US?

The Civil War. It claimed more American lives than any other war, and was the last war fought on U.S. soil.