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In the Cold War period of recent history, stretching from the 1950s into the 1990s, a variety of especially dangerous moments may be identified. What is most widely considered to be the most dangerous moment came in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. For thirteen tense days, the United States squared off against Cuba and the Soviet Union in what many thought would be the "spark-event" that would light global nuclear war.

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Q: What was the most dangerous moment of the arms race?
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Why was the arms race dangerous?

The arms race was dangerous because neither the Soviet Union or the U.S could protect its people from a nuclear attack.

Why did the arms race start?

the arms race started because US wanted to get the most powerful bomb.

What does the arms race have to do with politics?

What! There is a race of arms!

What was the naval arms race about?

arms-race-naval-arms-racetalks about this here

Which country was most to blame in the arms race?

The US and the former USSR

How did the arms race affect the us?

The arms race caused a great deal of anxiety for US citizens, who thought that an attack was inevitable. It also motivated the space race, arguably mankind's most impressive scientific advance.

What is the term for competition between countries to see who has most weapons?

"Arms Race"

What is the term for competition between countries who can create the most powerful weapons?

An "arms race".

How did the arms race lead to peace?

how did the arms race lead to the end of the fall of the soviet union

Was the nuclear arms race one of the defining features of the Cold War?

It was the biggest feature of the Cold War because it was an arms race between the U.S. and its allies versus the Soviet Union and its allies. At this point, it was whoever had the most nukes had the most power.

What ended the arms race?

The Arms Race ended with the end of the cold war and the breakup of the USSR. The nuclear arms race came about during the Cold War.

What started the Growth of militarism in World War 1?

Beginning in the 1890's, increasing nationalism led to a dangerous European arms race.. so nationalism