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The war was between Russia and Finland. Russia wanted to take control of Karelia, Salla, a port in Hanko, and some Islands off the coast of both Russia and Finland, so they launched an attack on Finland, but due to heavy snow, poor planning, low morale, high dedication by Finnish soldiers, and the recent purges by Stalin, they suffered heavy casualties while the Finns suffered relatively small amounts.

Despite the initial failure, the Russians launched a new attack and the Finns asked for peace. They ceded what was initially asked by the Russians.

Despite Russia acquiring the land it claimed, they lost over 120,000 soldiers, 3,500 tanks, and 261-515 aircraft. The Finns lost about 25,000 troops, 20-30 tanks, and 62 aircraft (The Finnish military did not have large amounts of tanks and aircraft at their disposal at the beginning of the war.) Their international reputation also suffered severely due to the fact that the Finnish military only consisted of about 350,00 troops, compared to Russia's force of nearly 800,000.

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findland forfeited territory to the soviets

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Q: What was the result of the winter war?
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