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once, he cut two twins in half and sewed them together to make Siamese twins

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Q: What was the strangest experiment was done by josef mengele?
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Why did Josef Kramer say he felt no regret in what he had done?

The Commandant of Bergen-Belsen, Josef Kramer, stated he had no remorse because "he was following orders". See Related Links below.

Why did Josef Mengele experiment on people?

He tried to change people's eye colors. He injected children's eyes with different serum's.He also did "high elevation" experiments, which basically he strapped them to something and changed the oxygen/elevation around them, seeing how long until it took said experiment to die.He was interested in twins, often being sweet to them, giving them treats. He then would take blood everyday, and performed NUMEROUS surgeries on them without anesthesia.He would put blue dye and bleach in people's eyes to see if they would turn blue, this caused pain and agony adn death. He also was interested in twins he tested to see if one twin died if the other would at the same time, he would sew children together to see what Siamese twins were like.Most people were sent to the gas chambers before they got to the camp anyways, i consider these people luckier then the people he did experiments on.Dr. Mengele was a very cruel man.and these are only some of the things he did.To learn more look up the book 'Night' By Elie Wiesel

Why is Dr Joseth Mengele important in World War 2?

Mengele had two histories. Gerald Posner has written a book about his official history based on the available evidence. That was Mengele was not that important, the selections of who to die or work were done by others, and his medical work seemed to have no merit or purpose. After the war he basically was in hiding and died a sad and lonely death. However, Mengele has another history where his work was classified, and he was spirited away to continue with Western intelligence agencies, Brit or USA. His strength was imagining bizzare tortute, torment and trauma, shocking and suden, by breaking all laws, taboos and usual mores. The reason was and is that the more traumatic an encounter, the quicker and stronger the freeze/breakdown/blank slate state achieved for then controlling the victim later with hidden cues. It is today called (now for more and more civilians) Monarch Programming and net has an article from 2002 which is the best I could produce then or now with web accounts using those key words and Mengele's name. It took me 5 weeks. It woill save you that much time and you can read my three or four short articles in half an hour. Beware, evidence is thin but Mengele's name keeps popping up and I know from a past sighting this was his (master's) secret agenda which makes him "important", even if he himself was brainwashed to do it without mercy, making his. curiously, legally excusable. Who were the hidden masters? How can the West be sure they are on top? The best evidence comes from the increasing cues , triggers and motifs placed in the mass media to automate Mengele's reach into those programmed. Google Monarch Programming and you will see Mengele was kept at work into old age because the CIA under Helms decided to burn all the records from before 1973 when the project went "dark". At least he could use active and reactive assessment techniques to recognise those people /children that had been through his hands in the early decades. google my name with these keywords above.

What was the telegraph message sent upon completion of the transcontinental railroad?

... Done DONE

What were different experiments Mengele did?

Dr. mengele would cut out peoples eyes and try to switch them to see if they still had sight. unfortunately most of them could see Edit: Mengele did many things to his "patients." Preferring to have fresh corpses, he would have each of his research subjects killed in the same way and then he would dissect them. He would often would inject or drop chemicals into the eyes of his patients in order to create the appearance of blue eyes. This was known to cause temporary, or sometimes permanent, blindness. In order to examine the effects of a disease, one twin would be injected with a disease such as typhus. Once the first twin died, the other would be killed and autopsied so he could see the before and after effects on them. Surgeries were performed on twins with no anesthesia, including organ removals and amputations. As the person above stated, he also interchanged people's eyes to see if they would retain their sight.

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What were the names of the doctors that done some of the testings in the Jewish people in the consentration camps?

Dr Josef Mengele was perhaps the most infamous.

Who was the leader of the Auschwitz medical experiments?

The Doctor in Chief of ALL Nazi medical experiments was Dr. Eduard Wirths, who directed most of the experiment done to the prisoners in the concentrations camps during the nazi regime. the most infamous doctor at Auschwitz was Dr. Josef Mengele

What was the worst experiment done by josef megele?

There was experimental sex change operations, sexual organs switches between different victims, sewing twins together, forced copulation between brothers/sisters to observe the results of incestuous genetic results on babies, vivisection (dissection on living person, without anesthesics). No need to say that all these horrifics experiments never succeed long enough to get any results, and no scientific conclusion were found about Mengele's attempts.

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a controlled experiment is an experiment that has an iv, dv, and a control, is in a well handled environment, and the experiment is safely done.

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the lab report is a record of all what was done in an experiment EXAMPLE : fromat 1) date: is when the experiment was done title of experiment :what is all about : 2) aim: what the experiment is hoping to achieve (HYPOTHESIS) ... 3 apparatus and material _ all that is needed to carry out the experiment... 4) proceduce method _step by step account of what was done. i,me ,you ,she,he are not used result ,data analyis , conclusion