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one of the main weapons used was a gun called the 'pompom' it was small powerful as well as easy to carry and use.

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one weapon was the "pompom", a small gun that was powerful and easy to carry and use.

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Repeater rifles were a big thing kind of like in the wild west but a little less modernized but either way they were killers.

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Q: What weapons did they use in the Boer War?
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What weapons were used by the Dutch in the boer war?

Hunting rifles.

How can you use the word Boer war in a sentence?

The Boer War refers to two wars fought during 1880–1881 and 1899–1902.

The boer war was sparked by?

The boer war was sparked by

Where was the third south African war the boer war?

There was a first and a second Boer War. The Third Boer War is still to come.

When did the Boer war end?

the boer war started in 1980

What year was the boer war?

The first Boer War began in 1880 and ended in 1881.

Did the boer war use any jet fighters?

No. there were no aircraft at that time.

When was The Great Boer War created?

The Great Boer War was created in 1900.

How many australians were in the boer war?

1 person fort in the Boer war

When did the first boer war end?

The first Boer War was from 1880 -1881.

Where did the boer start?

I do believe the Boer War started in Africa.

How did technology advance after the boer war?

The second Boer War sarted in 1899 and ended in 1902.