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POW camps for Communist (NVA/VC) Prisoners of War were operated by the South Vietnamese Government: See website: Prisoner-of-war Camps.

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POW camps for Communist Prisoners of War were operated by the South Vietnamese Government, with US Military Policemen detailed to each POW camp. See site: Prisoner-of-war Camp.

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See website: Prisoner-of-war Camp (there is a list of POW camps on this site)

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Q: What were POW camps in the Vietnam war?
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When was John McCain a POW in Vietnam?

McCain was a POW during the Vietnam war.

Where were the pow kept in World War 2?

The PoW (Prisoners of War) were kept either in PoW Camps or in some Concentration Camps such as Auschwitz.

Who was involved in the Hanoi Hilton prison camps?

The Hanoi Hilton prison camps were primarily used to detain American prisoners of war (POWs) during the Vietnam War. The prisoners were predominantly American military personnel, including pilots and soldiers, who were captured by the North Vietnamese forces. Some prisoners from other countries, such as South Vietnam, South Korea, and Australia, were also held in these camps.

How many POW camps were there in the Civil War?


What is a Japan pow?

a POW is a prisoner of war.. The soldiers that were held in conentration camps and stuf like that

How many prisonors were kiled during world war 2?

4% of POW's in German camps about 5000 27% of POW's in Japanese camps about 125,000

What did Americans do with Viet Cong they captured during the war?

Handed them over to US intelligence and the ARVN; ultimately to POW camps located thru-out the Republic of South Vietnam.

What does POW camps stand for?

Prisoner of war camp FIRST

Were there Russian POWS in the Russo-Japanese War?

At POW camps in Japan.

When did POW camps start?

After the Geneva Convention where they made the rules of war

What did Texas supply during World War 2?

Aside from oil they provided POW camps and retaining camps

What were the worst Japanese prison camps for Americans in World War 2?

Possibly the POW Camp in Bataan, as that was one of the first POW camps for the allies, and one of the first experiences for Japanese forces on the handling of Prisoners of War.