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During the Vietnam War, there were over 170,000 Conscientious Objectors; and over 22,000 indicted draft evaders, of which approximately 8,000 were convicted, and nearly 4,000 imprisoned.

The most popular & and best way to avoid serving one's country was to go to college; and receive a "college deferment."

Another method was to join the National Guard, as they were very unlikely to deploy during that time.

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The primary method of avoiding the draft was to enter college, accept a student deferment, and then hope the war ended before you graduated. That's how Dick Cheney, ultra-hawk, SectDef, and GOP Vice President to Pres George Bush avoided the draft. An equally popular method, as adopted by conservative GOP Congressman and foreign policy hawk Newt Gingrich was to get married (the first of his 3 wives) and start a family. Some feigned insanity, as conservative rock star and NRA spokesman Ted Nugent did, when he lived in the same clothes for 2 weeks, urinating and defecating on himself to demonstrate insanity.

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flee to Canada, disfigure themselves as to create a handicap, get a deferrment, join the reserves or simply did not report to the draft board.

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Q: What were some of the ways that young American men avoided military service in Vietnam?
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How many men dodged the draft?

The Vietnam War had 16 million men that avoided US military service (dodged the draft).

Who were the majority of draftees for military service in Vietnam?

Healthy young men.

If you served in Japan during the Vietnam War could you be awarded the Vietnam Service Medal?

No. The Vietnam Service Medal was awarded to a service member who served with a military unit participating in or directly supporting military operations in the Republic of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and parts of Laos.

When did the US stop forcing Americans to enter war?

When the American involvement in the Vietnam war ended in 1973, the United States military stopped drafting men into military service.

What were the names of the US military advisors to Vietnam in 1955?

Research: The Vietnam War Service Index, and The American War Library. In June of that year there were 740 Advisors. The total number of US Military present in country at that time was considerably higher.

What was the Vietnam war military policy and why was it protested?

The basic "Vietnam War military policy" that concerned the average US citizen was being drafted into military service. VERY FEW people wanted that! That is why it was protested.

What dates of military service qualify as veteran of Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War 'era' was 1961 to 1975.

What did 1A draft classification mean in Vietnam?

Available for military service

Did Bill Clinton have any Military Experience?

No. Bill Clinton was never in the military. He got a student deferment from the draft and avoided any form of military service.

Why did some Americans go to Canada during the Vietnam War?

To avoid military service.

What were some of the ways that young Americans avoided military service Vietnam?

Physical exemption - 4F, new parent, only son, etc.College exemptionDraft dodging - fleeing to another country, living under a false identity.Protest - draft card burning, etc.

How did the Vietnam war affect the Americans and vietnamese alike?

Americans didn't like being drafted into military service; which is why you have an all volunteer army (military) today. The South Vietnamese liked Americans, they thought American GIs were funny and friendly.