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Jews, including the Roma, Soviets, ethnic Poles; other Slavic people; the physically or mentally disabled; gay men; religious dissidents such as Jehovah's Witnesses, and political dissidents were killed by Nazis.

Jews were mostly involved in the Holocaust so they should be the only one

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Q: What were the groups of people in the Holocaust?
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What groups of people were not part of the Holocaust?

There were many groups of people not part of the holocaust, such as young children who weren't jews, elderly people who were jews, gypsies or disabled. But a part from that many people were! :(

What two groups of people were involved in the holocaust?

Nazis and Jews were the main two groups.

What groups of people were the target of the holocaust?

Jews, Gypsy s

What two groups of people were in the Holocaust?

Nazis killing the Jews.

What groups of people were murdered in the holocaust?

Jews from most of Europe.

What groups of people were mistreated in the Holocaust?

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What ethnic groups died during the Holocaust?

People from all ethnic groups died during the holocaust, but the only ethnic groups that were specifically targeted by the Nazis for extermination were the Jews and the Roma, or Gypsies. The Jewish people were the primary victims of the Nazi camps.

Who did it happen to in Holocaust?

Jews, Gypsies, disabled people and many other groups.

What groups allowed the Holocaust to happen?

The Nazi Party of Germany allowed the Holocaust to happen so the German people would be unified against the Jewish people.

Who was involved in the holocaust names of groups of people and countries?

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Which country had the most Holocaust survivors?

If you mean by the number of an countries population of certain groups of people who were killed in the Holocaust then the USSR in which 1,598,000 out would of been 3.28 Million people who survived the Holocaust. Most of these were Jews.

Why do they celebrate the holocaust?

maybe some neo-Nazi groups celebrate it, but most people commemorate it.

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