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From 1946 to 1974 the USA military costs were in excess of $1.3 trillion on national security alone; this compares to $1.6 trillion spent by the federal government for all non military goods & services since 1789. That's all I can find, if anyone has any more answers I'd be very glad to read them. What a difference though. They spent nearly the same amount in 28 years during the cold war as they did in 219 years on everything else. Sad isn't it.

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Q: What were the human and material costs of Cold War?
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What were some of human material and political costs of the war?

trillions of dollars

What were the material costs of the Korean War?

See website: Korean War

What were some of the human economic and political costs of the war?

trillions of dollars

What were the human costs of world war 2?

many innocent American lives were lost

How were the human costs of world war 2 different from those of earlier wars?


What were the human costs of the mechanization of warfare in World War 1?

A much higher mortality rate

Who had the US tried to help north Vietnam or south Vietnam why?

The communist superpowers supported the north with war material. The US supported the south with men & material. Reason: Cold War.

What were the costs of World War 2 you terms of human life?

50 million to over 70 million fatalities .

Was there any witnesses of the cold war when it was happening?

All human beings living during the cold war (1945-1990) were witnesses. There was no war. Cold War means Military Stand-Off. Stand-Off means facing each other ready to fight... Ready to fight is not fighting.

China's involvement in influencing the cold war between U.S and U.S.S.R?

Taiwan (Nationalist China) was an ally of the US during the cold war. Red China entered the Korean War (a hot battle of the cold war) as a combatant in 1950. The USSR supplied war material to both North Korea, and North Vietnam during those wars.

Why was the cold war-called the cold war?

During the Cold War the US and the USSR (along with their various allies) did everything possible to overcome each other, short of actual war. It was a peculiar state of almost war. Actual war was greatly feared, since it would have resulted in the destruction of the entire human race, by means of nuclear weapons.

Why was the world terrified about the Cold War?

The most terrifying aspect of the Cold War for most people was that it might turn into a hot war involving wide use of atomic weapons, thus destroying human civilization, if not all life on the planet.