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the cities were destroyed,especially those in France as most of the wr happened on france soil

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DO you mean what countries where in it or where it was fought.

If you mean where was it fought it was fought in Russia, Germany, the English Chanel, and France

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London, Paris, Berlin

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Q: What were the main cities in World War 1?
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It was the main cause

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Why do Americans think they were important in World War 1 and World War 2?

because they are isolated from the main continent and were out of war.

What were the main weapons in World War I?

The main weapons used for world war 1 happen to be the muskets, poisonous gas, airplanes, and sniper rifles

The main fronts in world war 1 were in?

The main fronts in World War I were in France and in Russia. The Western Front was in France and the Eastern Front was in Russia.

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the "i" stands for imperialism

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Gavrilo Princip is the main person who is believed to have started World War 1. He was a Serbian who was involved in a chain of reactions which culminated in WWI.