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i dont have a bloody clue. Any geeks out there?

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There were several reasons for the Civil War. Some included economic difference between the North and South, state and federal rights, slavery, and the election of Abraham Lincoln.

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Q: What were the main reasons for the civil war?
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What were the 2 main reasons civil war was fought?

Well the main reason was to abolish slavery

What was the cause for the civil war?

One of the main causes were slaves. There were some other minor reasons

What are all of the reasons for the Civil War?

There can be hundred of reasons of civil war. The most common reason is the community rights and party own interest.

Why did union soilders fight?

During the Civil War they fought for many reasons. However, the main reason they fought was for abolishing slavery.

What was the main plot of the 'Civil War' TV series?

The main plot of the civil war television series is to tell the story of the trials and tribulations of the main characters during the times of the civil war.

What was the main duty at the end of the civil war?

The main reason for the Civil war was to bring the nation back together.

What was Lincolns main goal during the civil war?

to win the civil war

Why was there a growth of craft unions during the Civil War?

There were growing craft unions during the Civil War for a few reasons. One of these reasons that they needed to have unity.

The souths main goal of the civil war was to?

to recognition that they are their own "country" that is the main purpose why the south started the civil war

What are the most important reasons why the english civil war started?

the most important reasons for the English civil war to start was Money Power and Religion hope this helps please add to this answer if you have more to say :)

What are the thee main causes of the Civil War?

Depends on which civil war - there have been many.

What are the main reasons the North won in the civil war besides the ex slaves joining with them?

In the end, it became a war of attrition, and the South just didn't have the manpower to replace battlefield casualties.