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The Schlieffen Plan was weak because it relied upon the fact that Russia would not mobilise as quickly as she did. In addition little attention was paid to the fact that Britain could enter the war.

Ultimately the Schlieffen Plan failed not because of flaws with the plan but because of the way it was carried out;

1. The German High Command miscalcuated the speed at which Russia could mobilise.

2. German troops did not invade the Netherlands as Count von Schlieffen had intended; as a result roads in Belgium became too clogged with German troops and equipment and vital Channel and North Sea ports were not seized.

3. The German army swung round too early and failed to encircle Paris. In doing so they were unable to attack the French army on the German-French frontier which Count von Schieffen had relied upon crushing the French army.

It is important to note that while the Schlieffen Plan was not perfect it was tactically sound. What really ended its usefulness was the fact that it was slightly out of date (failing to take into account advances in Russia's mobilisation tactics) and the German High Command trying to cut corners and not following the plan to the letter.

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Q: What were the schlieffen plans' weaknesses?
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What did Germans schlieffen plans envisioned?

The Schlieffen Plan was a German military strategy to quickly defeat France in the west and then focus on Russia in the east in case of a two-front war. It involved a rapid invasion of France through Belgium to encircle and defeat the French army. The plan ultimately failed due to unexpected delays and the First Battle of the Marne, resulting in a prolonged and costly war on the Western Front.

The battle plans for WW1?

here are two of them: 1. Schlieffen Plan [Germans] 2. Plan 17 [French]

When was Schlieffen's Bat created?

Schlieffen's Bat was created in 1859.

What was schlieffen country trying to avoid by implementing the schlieffen plan?

Schlieffen country(germany) was trying to avoid two wars on two fronts

Who wrote the schlieffen plan?

the plan was invented by a count, count Arnold Von Schlieffen

What is Alfred von Schlieffen's birthday?

Alfred von Schlieffen was born on February 28, 1833.

In what year was the Schlieffen Plan thought of?

The first version of the Schlieffen Plan was drawn up in 1905.

Who thought of the schlieffen plan?

The Schlieffen plan was thought of by Alfred Von Schlieffen It was thought to avoid a two-front war, basically to avoid getting into fights on both sides of Germany

Was the Schlieffen Plan a blitzkrieg?


Who is Alfred von Schlieffen?

General Alfred von Schlieffen was chief of the German general staff from 1891 to 1905. He developed the Schlieffen Plan for the German conquest of Europe during this time, but his plan was not fully followed when WW1 started in 1914.

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Von Moltke