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In the 1600's up to the end of the civil war, African slaves were not supposed to escape from their masters. If this happens, African slaves were to serve their master's for the rest of their lives.

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Q: What were the specific laws regarding slavery from the 1600s to the end of the Civil War?
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Slavery was legal in America for approximately years.?

Slavery was legal in America for approximately 245 years, starting in the early 1600s and lasting until the end of the Civil War in 1865 with the ratification of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery.

How long did slavery in north America exist?

Historically, it lasted in the colonies from the late 1600s until emancipation in 1865 after the Civil War. Many of the native American tribes also practiced slavery in that people captured in raids became slaves.

How did slavery relate to the Civil War?

Slavery began the civil war

How important was slavery in the civil war?

The civil war happened because of slavery.

What is another name for England's Civil War in the 1600s?


Did the civil war start on issues of slavery?

Yes, the civil war was started on the issue of slavery.

Why did the Civil War begging?

The Civil War did not beg. It began because of the fight of slavery or no slavery.

Why was slavery the cause of the civil war?

it wasn't about slavery

When did they kidnap the slaves?

In the early and late 1800's Slavery has been around since ancient times. The Catholic Church formally approved slavery in the 1400s and Spanish and Portuguese seamen took slaves from Africa at this time. Slavery was introduced into the British Colonies in North America during the 1600s by the Dutch. After breaking off from the England, Americans fought a civil way to abolish slavery in the 1860s.

How does the American Civil War link to the slave trade?

The civil war was fought because of slavery. North=No Slavery South=More Slavery

Was the Civil War about slavery or prejudice?

The American Civil War was about the south wanting slavery and the north saying it was wrong. So... the answer to your question is... Slavery.

Why was slavery a cause of the American Civil War?

it wasn't about slavery