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$47 million

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Q: What were the total bank deposits in the south during the Civil War?
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Where was total war used against the south in the civil war?

In Georgia during the "March to the Sea".

What was the term for General Sherman destruction to the south during the civil war?

total war or March to the Sea

What was norths goals during the civil war?

to free all slaves from slavry in the south

How many battles took place in South Carolina during the Civil War?

A total of 11 battles took place.

What was that total number of men killed in battle and other circumstances during the Civil War?

The total number killed was almost 500,000 men for the North and South.

What region was hardest hit during the civil war the north or south?

The South. Nearly all the battles were in the South. And after Grant authorised total war, there was deliberate destruction of farms and railroads, that took many years to recover from.

What is the total number of casualties during civil war?


What percentage of the south's total population was slaves before the civil war?

About a third

Who had more soldiers in the US Civil War?

In the US Civil War, the large population in the Northern states allowed to field many more troops than the South. During the US Civil War, the Union had as many as two million soldiers in uniform. The South had fewer than 900,000 troops in total.

How did total war relate to the Civil War?

Total war was General Sherman's strategy. He was to use total war to destroy the resources of the south. I am also a civil war expert so you can trust my answer.

Sherman believed in what about the Civil War?

During the Civil War, General Sherman held strong to a total war policy.

How many soldiers died during the the civil war?

Roughly 620,000 in total.