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The way the Vietnamese fought in the war. The new weapon technology also attributed with the harsh climates made everything so much worse. Many say the war was horrible b/c of the lack of support for U.S. involvement back in the States.

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The whole freaking thing, it was completely pointless.

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1968 1969

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Q: What were the worst years of the Vietnam war?
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What was the worst war on record?

For the US; Vietnam.

What was the worst defeat in us history?

The Vietnam war, for sure

Was the Vietnam war the worst war so far in the US?

Yes because it was lost

Who are the worst war criminals?

WW2 Germans believe Stalin was the worst. British and US people believe Hitler was the worst. The Chinese believe Hirohito was the worst. The Confederacy during the US Civil War believed President Lincoln was the worst. King George of England was the worst to the American Colonists during the Revolutionary War of 1776. North Vietnam considered US Airmen to be war criminals, as we were bombing their cities during the Vietnam War.

What was the worst American war failure?

The Vietnam War hands down. Those Vietcong are crazy.

What was the most unpopular war in American history?

there were several , although the Vietnam war was the worst by many people estimation.

What was combat like American combat soldiers in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was one of the worst in American history. Combat in the jungle was difficult, and it was hard to know who exactly was the enemy, since Vietnam had two different sides of the war as well.

What was worst job a US serviceman could have in Vietnam?

Tunnel Rat is the worst job in Vietnam.

Is the Vietnam war World War 1?

Vietnam War is held in the period of Nov 1955 to Apr 1975. nearly 19 years of war. WW1 held in the period (1914-1918). WW1 is ealier war compare to the period of Vietnam war

What years did the Vietnam war go to and from?

'55 to '75.

What were the years the Vietnam war last?


How many years was Vietnam at war?