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Q: What where people who called America a communist Country called?
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Why do people leave communist countries?

There are not a lot of communist countries left in the world, but there was a time when people used to try to flee from communist countries. In some cases they were getting away from abusive dictatorial governments, but more often they just wanted to go to a country where the economy was healthier and they could enjoy a higher standard of living. Communist countries have usually had severe economic problems, and that is the main reason why people eventually rejected communism in most of the formerly communist countries. China is a special case, and although the Chinese government claims to still be communist in nature, it has adopted a mixed economic system, with elements of both communism and capitalism.

Why did America not support the Vietnam war?

President Johnson (the us president) had a a theory called the 'domino theory'. This was the fear of the spread of communism across other countries. So he sent America to war againt the communist government, of which they lost :(

What was the group of Hollywood directors that were accused of being communist?

They were called the Hollywood 10 and accused of being communist. I don't think you would find many people who can name them all. Sorry i couldn't help more

Vietnam war consequences?

After the Second World War, Germany was taken over by American and Russia, who became enemies when arguing over how Germany should be run. The President of Russia, Joseph Stalin believed in Germany being a communist country while the President of America believed in it not. This arguing was called the Cold War. America started to hate Russia, which was a communist country, and therefore hate communism. They also hated Russia because it was a dictatorship. This hatred of communism was encouraged by a man called Joseph Mc Carthy. America joined part of Vietnam in fighting against communism by fighting against another part of Vietnam, afraid that something called the Domino theory would make America a communist country. The President of America who declared the Vietnam War, John Kennedy was assinated but the war was continued by the new President, Lyndon Johnson. America lost the war but did not become a communist country. However, people felt very betrayed, traumatised and regretful about fighting in the Vietnam War and Johnson became unpopular and lost his next election.

People that moved because of the war are called what?

If people move out of their native country due to a war are called Refuges

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Is china a communist or republic country?

China is a republic, and is not Communist. Communism means a classless stateless society based on production for use, and would have to exist at a global level.

Why is the country called the Philippines but the people are called Filipinos?

why is the country called the america? but the people are called americans? ano ha? diskrte lng yan

The country of the people of Han which became communist in 1949 is?

China is known as the country of the people of Han. The Communist Party overtook the Chinese mainland in 1949.

What is red China?

It is a term used for the People's Republic of China, commonly called a Communist country. It's flag has a red field.

What is the country of the people of Han that became communist in 1949?


What country has the people of Han who became communist in 1949 is?


Which Asian country has a communist government?

The People's Republic of China.

Is Taiwan a communist country?

No ! Taiwan is very capitalist. Mainland China (The People's Republic of China is Communist-led.

What is the oldest communist country?

The first communist country to be founded was the Soviet Union, which no logner exists. What the oldest communist country currently in existance is depends whether or not you consider North Korea to still be communist. If you do, then North Korea is the oldest. If not, then it's the People's Republic of China.

In 1968 the people of which country revolted against their communist rulers?


Is Yugoslavia a communist or a socialist country?

Yugoslavia is no longer a country. Before its breakup it was a Communist country.

What is the difference in a communist country than a free country?

In a communist country, the government owns and controls the means of production and distribution of goods and services, while in a free country, individuals and private entities have more control over the economy. Communist countries tend to have centralized planning and fewer individual freedoms compared to free countries, where there is usually a greater emphasis on individual liberties and free-market principles.