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This is more of really asking for an opinion from us..

Anyways, I'd go tell the highest presence around, such a huge military army, maybe the United States.

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Q: What would you have done if you had discovered the Holocaust?
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How were the franks discovered during the Holocaust?

No one really knows for sure, someone told the Nazis about their hiding place. I think :)

What can you do about the Holocaust?

absolutely nothing. the holocaust is done and over with, so we don't need to worry about it now

What has been done to support the Holocaust denial?

America fought Germany for the end of the Holocaust, you can learn more if you research more about the Holocaust end and WW2.

Would you have Jews in the Holocaust?

there would not have been the Holocaust without the Jews.

who done experiments on holocaust victims?

Nazi Germany.

Are the gas chambers now like the ones they used in the holocaust?

In the Holocaust most of the gassing was done on an "industrial" basis.

What did the Nazis discover during the holocaust?

they discovered much about physiology, about twins and about the human condition.

How does Holocaust fit into mob mentality?

The Holocaust fits in to mob mentality because all of the Nazis that did horrible things to the Jews probably would not have done that on their own. They felt that it was acceptable because the 'next guy' was doing it too.

Has Germany done anything memorial?

The most memorable happening in Germany is the Holocaust. There are plenty more, but the Holocaust is the most famous.

What situation to was a major contributor to the Holocaust?

World War Two was a major contributor to the Holocaust. Under the shadow of war, many things could be done, many laws could be passed that would not have been allowed during a time of peace.

What terrible practice was discovered and ended by the victory of the Allies of ww2?

The killing of the Jews (The Holocaust) by the Nazis.

How many months was the holocaust?

The dates for the Holocaust are not as clear as the dates for the war. People contuned to die for months after the war because of what was done to them during the war.