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Q: What year did the cold war ended?
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What treaty ended the cold war?

The Cold War unofficially ended, with no treaty.

Was the Vietnam War necessary and why?

At the time, it was part of the cold war. The cold war ended in 1990.

What happened with economies during the year of 1991?

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union ended.

Is the cold war finished?

The Cold War ended many years ago, in 1991

Was Vietnam war during the cold war?

Yes. If it wasn't it wouldn't have ended the way it ended.

What wars ended in 1992?

The Gulf War was ended. The Cold War was ended. There were more. Perhaps other people could an answer.

Were did the Cold War occur and when?

The cold war was world wide; and commenced in 1945 and ended in 1990.

What was the out come of the cold war?

The primary communist leader collapsed; and the cold war ended in 1990.

When did York Cold War Bunker end?

York Cold War Bunker ended in 1991.

Did we have a World war in 1991?

No, the Cold War is considered to have ended in 1991.

What president played the key role in ending the cold war?

John Addams ended the cold war.

Was the Berlin wall one of the lasting symbols of the cold war?

yes it was. in fact it ended the cold war