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There was one in 1948, one in 1967, and one in 1973. This is not counting the Iran-Iraq War in 1980-1988, or Desert Storm in 1991, or the current operations; Iraqi Freedom or Enduring Freedom.

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There are hundreds of Middle East Wars, please resubmit the question with a particular war or conflict in mind. See below for all of the wars of the 20th Century alone.

The parenthesis indicate the location of the war unless almost all of the Middle East or North Africa was affected - like the World Wars.

  • Unification of Saudi Arabia War from 1902-1932 (Saudi Arabia)
  • Persian Civil War from 1908-1909 (Iran)
  • Second Melillan campaign from 1909-1910 (Morocco-Spain)
  • Wadai War from 1909-1911 (Chad-Sudan)
  • French conquest of Morocco from 1911-1912 (Morocco)
  • Italo-Turkish War from 1911-1912 (Libya)
  • World War I from 1914-1918 - Including Senussi Campaign and the Arab Revolt
  • Zaian War from 1914-1921 (Morocco)
  • Soviet-Turkish War (1917-1918) from 1917-1918 (Turkey)
  • Armenian-Azerbaijani War from 1918-1920 (Armenia-Azerbaijan)
  • First Saudi-Hashemite War from 1918-1919 (Saudi Arabia)
  • Third Anglo-Afghan War from 1919-1919 (Afghanistan)
  • Turkish War of Independence from 1919-1922 (Turkey)
  • Franco-Syrian War from 1920-1920 (Syria)
  • Rif War from 1920-1926 (Morocco)
  • Iranian events of 1921 from 1921-1921 (Iran)
  • Second Saud-Sharif War from 1924-1924 (Saudi Arabia)
  • Great Syrian Revolt from 1925-1927 (Syria)
  • Afghan Civil War from 1928-1929 (Afghanistan)
  • Saudi-Yemeni War from 1934-1934 (Yemen)
  • Great Arab Revolt in Palestine from 1936-1939 (Israel-Palestine)
  • World War II from 1939-1945 - Including the Liberation of Vichy French Territories, the Anglo-Iraqi War, and the Jewish Insurgency in Palestine
  • Iran crisis of 1946 from 1945-1946 (Iran)
  • Jewish Arab Engagement from 1947-1949 - Including the Civil War in Mandatory Palestine from 1947-1948 and the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-1949 (Israel-Palestine)
  • Retribution operations from 1950-1967 (Israel)
  • 28 Mordad coup from 1953-1953 (Iran)
  • Algerian War from 1954-1962 (Algeria)
  • Jebel Akhdar War from 1954-1959 (Oman)
  • First Sudanese Civil War from 1955-1972 (Sudan)
  • Suez Crisis from 1956-1956 (Egypt)
  • Ifni War from 1957-1958 (Morocco)
  • Bizerte crisis from 1961-1961 (Tunisia)
  • First Kurdish-Iraqi War from 1961-1970 (Iraq)
  • Dhofar Rebellion from 1962-1976 (Oman)
  • North Yemen Civil War from 1962-1970 (Yemen)
  • Sand War from 1963-1963 (Morocco-Algeria)
  • Six-Day War from 1967-1967 (Egypt, Jordan, Syria)
  • War of Attrition from 1967-1970 (Egypt)
  • Black September in Jordan from 1970-1971 (Jordan)
  • Yom Kippur War from 1973-1973 (Egypt-Syria)
  • Second Kurdish-Iraqi War from 1974-1975 (Iraqi)
  • Turkish invasion of Cyprus from 1974-1974 (Cyprus)
  • Lebanese Civil War from 1975-1990 - Including the South Lebanon Conflict and the 1982 Lebanon War (Lebanon-Israel)
  • Western Sahara War from 1975-1991 (Western Sahara-Morocco)
  • Libyan-Egyptian War from 1977-1977 (Libya-Egypt)
  • Kurdish-Turkish conflict from 1978-2013 (Turkey)
  • 1979 Kurdish rebellion in Iran from 1979-1983 (Iran)
  • Soviet war in Afghanistan from 1979-1989 (Afghanistan)
  • Iran-Iraq War from 1980-1988 - Including the Kurdish Rebellion of 1983 (Iran-Iraq)
  • Second Sudanese Civil War from 1983-2005 (Sudan)
  • First Intifada from 1987-1993 (Israel-Palestine)
  • Nagorno-Karabakh War 1988-1994 (Armenia-Azerbaijan)
  • Civil war in Afghanistan (1989-92) from 1989-1992 (Afghanistan)
  • Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991 from 1990-1991 (Kuwait-Iraq)
  • 1991 uprisings in Iraq from 1991-1991 (Iraq)
  • Algerian Civil War from 1991-2002 (Algeria)
  • Civil war in Afghanistan (1992-1996) from 1992-1996 (Afghanistan)
  • 1994 civil war in Yemen from 1994-1994 (Yemen)
  • Iraqi Kurdish Civil War from 1994-1997 (Iraq)
  • Civil war in Afghanistan (1996-2001) from 1996-2001 (Afghanistan)
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Q: What year did the middle eastern war start?
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There is not one Middle East War but hundreds. Please specify which war you are asking about and resubmit the question.

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ur da told me

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